5 Classic Rock Songs That Needs To Go Away

5 Classic Rock Songs That Needs To Go Away | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ever heard of a song that’s been stuck inside your mind it’s getting unto your nerves already? What about those cliches that are always on the stereo or your friend’s favorite in karaoke? With these 5 classic rock songs below, everyone could agree just how overrated these tracks are.



5.“Fortunate Son”

And the last one for this list is Creedence Clearwater Revival’s most famous song, “Fortunate Son”. The message behind this is clearly evident of the division between rich and poor, thus simplifying the notion that as long as this song is famous, every war known to man still exists.


4.”American Pie”


The song earned a spot at the Grammy Hall of Fame, so you could imagine how amazing this is. Indeed a classic one from all of Don McLean’s songs, but it’s a bit too long for some people. Also, it can give you an infectious earworm that doesn’t stop no matter how much you try to get it out of your head. Bet you didn’t want to EARn it inside your mind, did you?


3. “Sweet Child of Mine”

Here we have a Guns N’ Roses 2nd most famous recording called “Sweet Child of Mine.” an instant favorite among people of any age, this song is everywhere. From malls down to any recording stores, it’s definitely a piece of go-to music that follows you around. Slash, the band’s guitarist in 1990 once said that the song “turned into a huge hit and now makes me sick.” Well, it’s not just you, Slash.


2. “Smoke on Water”

This 2006 metal song released by Deep Purple from their album The Collection is every beginner guitarist’s dream of learning. The song is pretty good, but listening to it for the 100th time can really trigger some serious loathing generally aimed at people who do not think of it as too much. But hey, at least someone’s learning, huh?


1. “Livin’ on a Prayer”

This Bon Jovi classic from the album Slippery When Wet is the go-to song of the people who do enjoy singing it in karaoke bars. Although its international success gave him an ultimate rise to stardom, the loud yet vibrant music coming out of this can be pretty heavy for some people. And believe me, even Bon Jovi himself said that the song was just “okay.”


Do you think there are other songs that should be on this list? Comment down below and tell us your thoughts.