3 of the Most Underrated Tracks from “One of These Nights” By Eagles

3 of the Most Underrated Tracks from “One of These Nights” By Eagles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Eagles live at the Capitol Center, 1977 - Giovanni Campidoglio Fotografo / Youtube

As Eagles’ songs garner a lot of respect and admiration from fans all over the world, it’s a bit surprising to have others that are not quite popular as with the other tracks. Henley and Frey’s songs are always on top, coming from the great example of their most famous hit “Hotel California.” But for this section, we will examine the top 3 songs from One of These Nights that will surely make you want to listen to them.

3. “Hollywood Waltz”

. Like its title, the “Hollywood Waltz” had the tendency to lead a person in a wistful kind of way— something that is a part of The Eagles’ strengths. Henley gave an amazing performance that is soulful to the heart and can paint you a melodramatic skit full of empathy.

2. “After the Thrill is Gone”

A Frey/Henley-penned song, this track talks about a lot of self-examination that was done by the band for themselves. Henley commented later on from the Very Best of the Eagles, “As exciting as the whole Eagles thing was at times, some of the luster was beginning to wear off. We were combining our personal and professional lives in song.”

1. “Too Many Hands”

Perhaps the most underrated song from this album that deserved more, “Too Many Hands” is a welcome song for Don Felder, who just became an official part of the group at this moment. Along with this is the Eagles’ last hurrah to their signature “pastoral country-rock” that once majored in their previous albums.