3 Arrested For Stealing Guitars From Lamb of God

3 Arrested For Stealing Guitars From Lamb of God | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Lam of God at the Live Hellfest 2015 - Live Music Channel / Youtube

Lamb of God’s guitarist Willie Adler took to social media when his prized guitar and a bass were stolen while on a gig in Phoenix, Arizona on the 2nd of May. Adler posted on his Instagram a picture of the stolen guitar, with a caption asking for help and expressing his disappointment.

“ATTENTION ALL…and particularly in the Phoenix area. My main beloved Warbird, along with @jayceerva one of kind hand painted bass; were stolen early Thursday morning from @akchin.pavilion in Phoenix. The pieces of shit that did this are suspected to be employed by @akchin.pavilion. local hands that were working Wednesday, our tour production day. Apparently, they waited around for all to leave, and made their way into the back of our semi to commit this felony. AGAIN..under the watch of @akchin.pavilion and their security. Karma is a fuckin bitch…”

One of the stolen guitars that was posted on his Instagram was a well-known primary equipment of Adler, the Warbird, which was black coated, with a golden hand-painted skeleton of a bird, along with the Roman numerals 1976 on the banner.

In a recent update, it seems that the criminals have been apprehended. Three individuals, William Widener, Michael Blakeslee and Justin Petersen, were arrested during the acquisition of enough evidence. According to Sgt. Vince Lewis of the Phoenix Police Department, the theft happened around midnight and 4:30 AM on May 2. The thieves managed to access the equipment from the trailer after the band had left the venue.

William Widener, Michael Blakeslee and Justin Petersen, suspects of the theft – Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

The criminals were apprehended after one of the guitars were put up on sale on an online platform, while another tried his luck at a pawnshop, but was rejected. Widener and Blakeslee were arrested on Wednesday, May 8, while Petersen was apprehended the following day. The three crooks were charged with theft and trafficking in stolen property.

The three stolen guitars are still missing, though.