1973: Marshall Tucker Band Performs “Take The Highway”

1973: Marshall Tucker Band Performs “Take The Highway” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Marshall Tucker Band live in 1973 - Weldon Thomas / Youtube

The Marshall Tucker Band takes the cake when it comes to eclectic-sounding rock acts. Taking blues, jazz, and country infusions into their arsenal, the band helped develop the growing Southern rock scene and genre by the 1970s. Comprised founders Toy Caldwell on lead guitars and vocals, Doug Gray as lead vocals, keyboardist/saxist Jerry Eubanks, rhythm guitarist George McCorkle, drummer Paul Riddle, and Tommy Caldwell on bass, the Marshall Tucker Band began their journey on 1972.

On their debut LP, The Marshall Tucker Band is the opening cut “Take The Highway”. The track is evidence of the masterful songwriting prowess of Toy Caldwell, carrying the lyrical duties of the band early on. Considered as one of the best tracks in this debut record, “Take The Highway” is a great rocker from start to finish. Powerful vocals courtesy of Gray leads the pack and has flute accents thanks to Eubanks, riding the main progression seamlessly.

Listen to the band perform the song live in 1973.