15 Rock Duets That Stood The Test Of Time

15 Rock Duets That Stood The Test Of Time | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Combining two of the greatest is somewhat a rejuvenating element inside the world of rock. While going solo is the norm for many, sometimes adding a little razzle-dazzle in your songs makes it much more appealing, thus duets are simply there to cater that. Because who would’ve thought that a soulful woman’s voice would blend in with a male rocker? Below are these 15 rock duets that truly deserves a spot in people’s playlist.


“Love is A Bitchslap” (2007) – Sebastian Bach & Axl Rose

Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach’s close relations with Guns N’ Roses’ vocalist Axl Rose goes all the way back in the 90s, and so asking his friend to record an epic song was simply a no-brainer. This provocative-titled song is a real definition of rock and roll.

“Don’t Give Up” (1986) – Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush

This standout from Gabriel’s 5th album almost didn’t happen. Gabriel wanted singer Dolly Parton to sing the female parts, but when she declined the offer, that’s when Gabriel found his perfect match— Kate Bush.

“Almost Paradise” (1984) – Anne Wilson & Mike Reno

Wilson and Reno’s duet was unique but predictable; these two rockers soared the charts in the 80s so it’s obvious that their tandem is worth the wait. “Almost Paradise” is a classic, it’s the one song you’d better be hearing if you want to bring back that 80s feeling.

“Please Read The Letter” (2007) – Alison Krauss & Robert Plant

Right after Led Zeppelin’s biggest reunion at O2, fans were extremely hyped for a possibility of a LZ reunion concert.  But Robert Plant had other things in mind, one of which is the release of this critically-acclaimed duet of his with Alison Krauss, originally recorded by the former and his old bandmate Jimmy Page.

“Close My Eyes Forever” (1988) – Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford

Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, once decided to put together a stunning duo that helped bring out the best of rock duets. “Close My Eyes Forever” became the offspring of Ozzy and Lita Ford’s collaboration, fueled with its unique upbringing and lovable lyrics.

“Girl From The North Country” (1969) – Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan

Dylan’s iconic The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan bore a simple yet amazing song entitled “Girl From the North Country.” Just 6 years later, Dylan is back with Johnny Cash on his side to duet this masterpiece.

“Battle Scar” (1980) – Rush & Max Webster

There’s that joy of helping your friends produce their final album. When Max Webster did Universal Juveniles, their last LP, Rush went in the studio to help these studs create a masterpiece.

“Dead Ringer For Love” (1981) – Meat Loaf & Cher

Meat Loaf and Cher’s iconic get-together was a match made in music heaven. “Dead Ringer For Love” is simply phenomenal, with both of the singers showing what they got.

“Out In The Fields” (1985) – Phil Lynott & Gary Moore

The two often had time to collaborate with each other’s albums in the 70s. Once again they tried to repeat their musical chemistry which is found inside their 1985 song “Out In The Fields.” Unfortunately, this was Lynott’s last song to record before he died.

“Dancing In The Street” (1985) – David Bowie & Mick Jagger

It wasn’t what anyone’s expecting from these two legends of rock, but at least they did it to help raise funds for Live Aid. “Dancing In the Street” is a stunning mess.

“Billion Dollar Babies” (1973) – Alice Cooper & Donovan

This might’ve been an unlikely duet between a goth band and a shy folk singer, yet the result caught an uncanny turn. FYI, “Billion Dollar Babies” is about a sex doll.

“Good Times” (1987) – Jimmy Barnes & INXS

“Good Times” is an Aussie classic, a thing worth to remember from Jimmy Barnes’ collaboration with INXS. Both of these rockers are knocking it out here.

“Under Pressure” (1981) – David Bowie & Queen

The list won’t be completed if there isn’t a sign of “Under Pressure,” a rare collaboration from Bowie and Queen. That funky bass line is a killer of some sorts.

“It’s Only Love” (1985) – Bryan Adams & Tina Turner

Tina Turner’s soulful voice truly matched with Bryan Adams’ grittiness that “It’s Only Love” is a song worth remembering. The duo worked so neat together that it was even rumored that there was a relationship that kindled between him and the diva.

“Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” (1981) – Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

This quintessential duet of the iconic blonds in the industry was nothing but outstanding. Nicks always wanted to sing a Tom Petty song, but after writing “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” Petty also wanted to sing it for himself. The result was a beautiful compromise from the two.