12 Greatest Acoustic Rock Songs When You Just Need To Chill

12 Greatest Acoustic Rock Songs When You Just Need To Chill | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Winter Playlist, Anyone?

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to stay in bed all day long and listen to an endless array of acoustic music? You know, when you don’t feel like playing anything heavy? Well, in case you’re looking for relaxing rock songs to add to your playlist, you might consider the following:

1. Extreme – “More Than Words”

Can we start gushing now? We absolutely love this song! Some may think it’s overrated but we totally disagree. When this comes on, we have no choice but to sing along and maybe snap our fingers while we’re at it. It’s so refreshing and uplifting. Like it makes you want to start tapping your feet and do a little dance. We know this has been covered many times and while we love some of the versions, there’s just something enchanting about the original. Do you still recall the first time this came out? It was so epic back then and it hasn’t lost any of its magic up until today. Whenever we think of songs that won’t ever grow old, this is one on the list. It’s nice because even the younger generation knows about it, enjoys the song and what’s more, they’re aware who originally sang it. That’s just perfect.

2. The Eagles – “Hotel California”

One of the finest songs acoustic rock has to offer. Every single time we hear that intro, it just stops us in our tracks and sends chills down our spine. But of course, we always try to whip out our air guitar the moment it comes on. Even in 2016, nothing can ever come close to this classic. Everything here is perfect – the vocals, the guitar work, the rhythm. It’s like the epitome of musical brilliance. Even if The Eagles released this song only, we’ve no doubt they would still easily secure their place in rock ‘n roll. It’s a beast of a track but subtle in so many ways. We sure don’t mind putting this on loop the entire day. It’s the kind that you never grow tired of. The melody is insane. It takes you back to your youth and brings back so many beautiful memories. Oh now we’re feeling nostalgic.

3. Foo Fighters – “Everlong”

Maybe one of the reasons why we’re so in love with acoustic music is because of how raw it sounds. It’s like you take away any form of distraction and it’s nothing but pure music. Take this song by Foo Fighters, for example. There’s something about this version that gets to you. There aren’t a lot of tracks that moves you like this. The tone is hands-down incredible. It’s so dang relaxing too. Is it just us or it’s a tad bit romantic too? We can’t seem to gush enough. It’s beautiful in so many ways and the emotion in every line is almost palpable. Perhaps that’s what acoustic does to you – it hits you right in the feels. It’s as if when the song ends, the only thing you should do next is play it again. Yes, that’s how good this is. If you haven’t heard this piece yet, you’re welcome.

4. Guns ‘n Roses – “Patience”

Don’t you just love seeing and hearing Axl Rose at the top of his game? The whistling at the start gave us goosebumps. When you think of acoustic rock music, Guns ‘n Roses may not be the first band to come to mind. But we can’t deny the fact that this is absolutely beautiful. Everything about it is just perfect. From Axl Rose’s vocal performance (we love the rawness and edge) to Slash’s face-melting guitar solo. It’s like a feast of the senses – you hear an incredible track then, it moves you on a spiritual level. This will silence the haters. Anyone who doubts why this group is one of the best in classic rock should watch this. It will make you forget all of Axl’s crazy antics back then. Lol. Even today, in his 50s, he still has it. Think about it, he’s currently the frontman of two legendary bands. That says a lot.

5. Kansas – “Dust in the Wind”

Is this the ultimate ‘chill’ song? How can you not feel relaxed after listening to this? That intro alone is enough to enchant you and calm you down. Can you imagine life without ever knowing this track existed? It makes you feel nostalgic and sure brings back so many memories. It’s a beautiful song with even more beautiful lyrics. Whenever we hear this, it’s as if we want to grab our guitars and play away. Somehow, we get visions of jamming along to this while chilling at the beach. This song is just so deep. Who said rock songs were shallow and without meaning? This is proof that everyone needs to listen to at least one soft rock track in their lives. It will change the way you look at this genre. And also, classics are incomparable to today’s music, enough said. There’s definitely a reason why tracks like this are timeless.

6. Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here”

This is too good for words. Pink Floyd, despite being known as one of the best classic rock bands of all time, isn’t the kind to show off. Okay, maybe except the impressive theatrical effects during concerts. But for their music, it simply showcased every member’s talent. The rawness is what makes it amazing. If you have impeccable taste in music, then there’s absolutely no way you can dislike this. It’s one of the group’s finest works, no doubt about it. Though we’re sure we’re not the only ones feeling emotional whenever someone plays this. It makes you miss people – friends, loved ones. Somehow, it takes us back to our youths too – remember when you were a teenager or in your early 20s and you heard this on the radio? Ah, yes the good ‘ole days. We sincerely hope someone already invented a time machine, now would be a good time to travel.

7. Bad Company – “Feel Like Making Love”

Is anyone else singing along to this? Also, we feel like going back to the ‘70s when music was this good. The vocal performance is almost otherworldly, just way too beautiful. We also like how it sounds a bit restrained, like he was holding it all back. Don’t even get us started on the gentle harmonies. There’s no other way to explain it – it’s the definition of musical perfection. While we happen to enjoy listening to various covers, nothing beats this version. Who would have thought this raunchy ballad would sound so impeccable? Vocalist Paul Rodgers recalls, “I was staying at this camp in California when I started to come up with the lyrics and music to Feel Like Makin’ Love. t was an amazing place to be. I was about 19 and touring the US with Free, so the song actually stayed on the back burner all the way until the start of Bad Company in 1973. And I did feel like making love at the time. I think I probably was in love – that happened a lot.”

8. Bon Jovi – “Wanted Dead or Alive”

Ritchie Sambora is working it like he’s got magic in his fingers. We hope we’re not the only ones who put the intro on repeat several times. The harmonics on the solo – we have no words! He was absolutely on fire. The man had more musicality in his pinky finger than in the rest of our bodies. Just listen to that bad ass mean sound! This will always be our most favorite version of “Wanted Dead or Alive.” This is way too powerful and we can’t handle it. To be fair, when it was first released, we knew it was still going to be one epic song decades later. And well, we’re right! Even if we watch this live performance a few years from now, we’d still think the same way. Imagine putting this on loop – there’s nothing quite like it. Even your neighbors will surely thank your taste in music.

9. Rush – “Closer To The Heart”

Don’t you wish you could jam with these guys? That would be the coolest thing ever. Sure, it’s not as soft or mellow as the other tracks on this list like “Dust in the Wind” or “Hotel California” but it’s still one epic acoustic rock song. It’s not really surprising that this is among the band’s most popular tracks. Since it was released as a single during Christmas way back in 1977, it would be nice to listen to it this holiday. Think about it, it’s almost 40 years since this classic came out! Okay, do you feel old yet? Because it sure seems like it was only yesterday. Besides, can you think of any bands who practically breezed through the test of time with flying colors? Not everyone, for sure. The group is just on a different level. And this song? It’s every bit as good live, if not better!

10. Van Halen – “Could This Be Magic?”

This is so subtle and perfect – let’s be honest, no one can pull off something like this today. They are the only ones who can get away with playing this. It’s cheerful and lighthearted – not exactly what you’d expect from Van Halen because some of their tracks sound angry and quite dark. We love the catchy tune and it’s easily one of our favorite acoustic songs of all time – it’s actually pretty hard to get it out of your head the moment you play it. It makes you think the band always did everything a level higher than everyone else. And if anything, this song proves how versatile the group is. Their range is impressive. You see, even if they didn’t create hard rock music and went for bluegrass instead, they’d still be a legend. Their musicianship is simply off the charts. It has soul and a whole lot of magic.

11. Queen – “Love of my Life”

Freddie Mercury always did everything with flair even when it came to acoustic songs. We’re so used to seeing him running across the stage or belting out some of his most powerful tracks. But dang, his range is mind-blowing. Don’t you just love this ballad? It’s so beautiful and romantic – you almost get butterflies in your belly. Freddie always had a knack for singing songs which hit you right in the feels. It’s pretty normal for anyone to get goosebumps and chills while listening to him perform live – think about what kind of experience the audience had. They witnessed some musical greatness which can never be replicated. He was also quoted saying, “I hate this thing about trying to recreate the albums on stage. We sometimes deliberately change. Look at ‘Love Of My Life’, for instance. On record I play piano on that but on stage it’s just Brian playing the guitar and me singing it, because it works on stage better that way.”

12. Led Zeppelin – “Going to California”

Sometimes, you just need a dose of Led Zeppelin and a quick reminder how fabulous Robert Plant’s blonde mane is. Everyone in this band is so dang talented – yes especially John Paul Jones on the mandolin. It’s a bit sad the camera didn’t really focus on him. This song may be all about heartbreak and loneliness but in a way, it’s relaxing all the same. This track is allegedly about singer Joni Mitchell since Plant was infatuated with her back then. In an interview in 2007, however, Plant said: “Me reflecting on the first years of the group, when I was only about… 20, and was struggling to find myself in the midst of all the craziness of California and the band and the groupies…” It’s a spectacular song. It’s also undeniably one of the band’s finest musical masterpieces. This moment is gold. We just love how stellar it sounds.