10 WTF Moments In 1970’s Rock

10 WTF Moments In 1970’s Rock | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Perry Mason - Ozzy Osbourne /YouTube

What a golden age of development, the 70s. The end of the counterculture era, the birth of innovation in both music and movies, this decade was a rollercoaster ride of outrageous events known to man. As for musicians, it was a hazy face of shortcomings, drugs, booze, and girls, repeatedly. While some have suffered the consequences, the others had the tables turned. We looked at some of the most interesting and wtf moments in the 70’s rock scene.

Freddie Mercury‘s Iconic Party

The party was held to celebrate the release of Queen’s Jazz album in 1978. Approximately 400 guests were present at the Fairmont New Orleans and there were jam-packed performances of entertainers such as fire-eaters, contortionists, and of course, strippers.

The Beatles’ Controversial Breakup

It was inevitable for the biggest band in the century that they would head for the ending of the Fab Four. After the untimely death of their manager Brian Epstein, the Beatles were faced in a turmoil of handling their personal issues and finances, something that Epstein was great at handling. Fights got unresolved, each of the members is now embracing individual artistry, and the band broke up in 1970.

Ted Nugent and his 17-year old girlfriend

Back in 1978, the guitarist met his then 17-year old girlfriend, Pele Massa. The two fell in love almost instantly but the thing was, Massa was still under 18. What Nugent did was to convince his girlfriend’s parents to sign documents stating that he will now become Massa’s legal guardian. The pair lived together freely for almost a decade.

Keith Moon’s Extravagant Birthday Party

It did not happen in this decade, but he confessed it in a 1972 interview of Rolling Stone from the late The Who’s drummer. He recalled the event full of catastrophic activities in the Holiday Inn such as destroying a piano, carpet, and unintentionally driving a Rolls Royce at the pool. The bill was $24,000 including a permanent ban from the group.

Elvis Presley’s death… and Rumors

The rockstar legend died in 1977 following heart disease. His autopsy report suggested a high amount of drugs were present in his body when he died. But fans from the late singer did not buy the news and even made a conspiracy theory that Presley did not die for real, instead, he faked his death to escape the limelight.

Angus Young’s “Fire”-ry Incident

While the AC/DC’s lead guitarist was recording his solo album in 1977, his guitar accidentally caught on fire while performing. His brother was also in the recording room and shouted at him to keep going, and so the musician did. After the performance, Young’s guitar remains were in full meltdown.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Snowblind album

Snowblind was Osbourne’s initially proposed title for the Black Sabbath’s 1972 album Vol. 4, because most of the song compositions were in fact, inspired and done with a lot of cocaine usage. But the fear of executives for the underlying controversy rejected it.

Iggy Pop & Elton John’s Encounter

Back in the 70s were rockstars with a high amount of drug intakes were normal, Iggy Pop’s one adventure involved Elton John dressed in a gorilla costume. He thought John was a real gorilla because he was so high, and was shocked and wanted to fight. But due to intoxication, did not have the strength and power to do it.

Jimi Hendrix’s Death and the 27 Club

His death in 1970 led to the coining term of a cultural phenomenon called “27 club” meaning, all the famous celebrities that died at age 27. He died in asphyxiation when he choked in his own vomit and barbiturates.

Keith Moon’s Passed Out Experience Onstage

It was from a 1973 concert of The Who when Moon took a ton of horse tranquilizers and brandy before performing on stage. The incident led him to pass-out. Instead of canceling the show, the band instead invited a member of the audience, a 19-year old Scott Halpin to finish the set. Talk about a dream come true!