10 Underrated Classic Rock Love Songs

10 Underrated Classic Rock Love Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Mick Jagger - Rolling Stones /YouTube

There’s no greater song than classic rock songs about love and admiration. You’ll just know that when you listen to it, your stomach would start to feel butterflies inside. And since the competition for love songs in classic rock tends to be a tough one, several artists who deserved to have more recognition for their love tracks tend to be forgotten sometimes. Below are the underrated classic rock love songs that fit your tender feelings.

“You See Me Crying” – Aerosmith

Throughout most of their career, Aerosmith has perfected the art of power ballads. While they are indeed known for their trenchant ballad hits, “You See Me Crying” tend to be the underdog for most of it. Steven Tyler’s vocal work here is amazing, and the orchestration of the song remains supreme.

“Magic Man” – Heart

Heart truly captured the heart of love songs for their “Magic Man” track. The tale was inspired by Ann Wilson’s relationship with their manager, Michael Fisher.

“I’m Gonna Crawl” – Led Zeppelin

This heartbreaking song that closed Led Zeppelin’s final album In Through the Out Door is truly an underrated masterpiece from the legends. Robert Plant did the vocals good for this one.

“The Tide is High” – Blondie

Not an original from Blondie since the Paragons did it first, but it certainly is a great love track to remember. With its reggae instrumental and Debbie Harry’s magnificent voice, one could feel the love for this one.

“I Want You Around” – The Ramones

No matter how cool you are with your punk-driven beat, you still need a good amount of lovin’ as well. While the song might not be the punkiest there is from the band, it certainly worth a listen to if you want to feel that affectionate feeling.

“Kooks” – David Bowie

Who says love songs are only for your partner’s interests? Bowie’s “Kooks” captured the love that a parent has for his/her child.

“I’m On Fire” – Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen has scored a few famous love songs, but “I’m On Fire” is lowkey underrated. The lyrics are so romantic and a bit sensual in a way.

“All I Want Is You” – U2

Some of U2’s hits are comprised of stupendous love songs, but “All I Want Is You” deserves more recognition than it gets. It is one of the songs that Bono’s songwriting prowess is at its peak.

“Waiting on a Friend” – Rolling Stones

Another song that doesn’t relate to any lovers for love songs, “Waiting on a Friend” merely talks about the friendship you have that you can be thankful for. Mick Jagger wrote this with his band in mind.

“I Want Love” – Elton John

You wouldn’t want to talk about love songs without mentioning the maestro himself. Among all the Elton John-Bernie Taupin collaborations, this has got to be the purest one. It could teach you a lesson or two about real love if you listen to this one.