10 Sammy Hagar Songs Perfect For Roadtrips

10 Sammy Hagar Songs Perfect For Roadtrips | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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What are the pros for rock stars who love cars? They also love making songs for road trips! The Red Rocker has been singing about how his collection of automobiles provides him with the freedom he seeks to pursue his sexual, social, and personal desires for nearly four decades. Here we look at the top ten Sammy Hagar songs for long trips, ensuring you’ll have a good time no matter how far you go.


“Bad Motor Scooter” – Montrose (1973)

Sammy Hagar, our young hero, begs his sweetheart to spend the day riding her motorcycle to his town so they can get romantic. Having a driver do all the work for you must be a nice perk of being a rock star.

“Cruisin’ and Boozin’” – Sammy Hagar (1977)

The dangers of driving while drunk might upset the parents of those who listen to this song, but hey, since when did Hagar care about anyone’s opinion? We’re just lucky we have this song for listening.

“Turn Up the Music” – Musical Chairs (1977)

Naturally, when this tune starts playing, the only acceptable response is to turn up the volume as much as humanly possible. In one of Hagar’s early concert anthems, Sammy and his pals spend the night on the road while they drive around punching buttons on the radio to hear their favorite song.

“Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)” – Street Machine (1979)

Before Hagar became a big business mogul and transferred his quality time collecting expensive cars, he once had his eyes set on a Trans Am, and he sure did make a song about it. He gets bonus points for identifying the vehicle by name mid-song.

“Sweet Hitchhiker”Standing Hampton (1981)

A long-legged blonde in a crimson outfit is the random hitchhiker who Sammy picks up. Either he’s incredibly naive or incredibly desperate for some good time. The riff and solo in this song are worth noting as well.

“Baby’s on Fire” – Standing Hampton (1981)

Fun can be had in a parked automobile just as readily as in one doing 120 miles per hour on the motorway, as Sammy discovers here with the proper company and in the right shadowy parking lot.

“I Can’t Drive 55’ – VOA (1984)

This classic hymn by Sammy Hagar is the starting point and the endpoint of any conversation about driving songs by the rock star. Hagar’s friend, Eddie Van Halen, jokingly commented on writing a sequel called “I Wanna Drive 180.” Supposedly, a traffic stop in upstate New York served as the song’s inspiration.

Privacy” – I Never Said Goodbye (1987)

Sammy, aided by Eddie Van Halen on bass, composes the ideal “getaway” song for when he has to get away from the spotlight.

“Let Sally Drive” – Ten 13 (2000)

On this track from the second half of Sammy’s solo career, he “passes the keys over to his girl.” We must emphasize once more how welcome it is to have him back on the guitar.

“Big Foot” – III (2011)

This “man on a mission” tale from Sammy Hagar’s current supergroup Chickenfoot, adds to the growing collection of superb Sammy Hagar driving tunes. In the middle of an all-night car drive in search of someone to have a serious chat with, Sammy has the guitar blazing as Joe Satriani locks into an undoubtedly groovy riff.