10 Rockstars Who Are Actually Funny IRL

10 Rockstars Who Are Actually Funny IRL | I Love Classic Rock Videos

These Guys Love A Good Laugh

Being a rockstar ain’t easy – hours, days and weeks of recording and hitting the road can take a toll on you. You can’t really go to all the places you used to hang out because there’ll be screaming fans everywhere. It’s exciting at first but eventually it gets tedious. Unless of course, you know how to have fun.

From pulling off epic pranks to letting loose during interviews , they never fail to make everyone crack up. And besides, rockstars are probably some of the most quick-witted humans to ever walk the earth. Rock ‘n roll has divas, sure, but there are also funny guys who just like to have a good time.

10. The Ramones

Okay so MAYBE this isn’t exactly funny for some but these punk rock legends are famous for something other than their music. Anyone who visits them gets a little treat from the boys – pee added to the drinks they’re offered.

And there were some famous people who fell victim to this too including Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols. And sadly, he drank the entire glass in one big gulp. Yikes.

“The Ramones always put a few drops of piss in anything they give to their guests as a little joke. Johnny Ramone was very friendly to Johnny Rotten when they met. He shook his hand, patted him on the back and asked him if he wanted a beer. Ha ha ha.” – Dee Dee Ramone

Yep, these boys sure know how to entertain guests. We hope some of them actually declined the offer of a beer. We can’t imagine the look on their faces when they found out.

9. Dave Grohl

Apart from being one of the coolest rockstar ever, Dave Grohl is also insanely hilarious. If you don’t believe us, just watch his interview with Ellen DeGeneres and see if you can keep a straight face. The man’s a natural and we think if we hung out with him, we’d most likely have a six-pack from laughing too much.

He’s an all-around awesome guy who says the craziest and most hilarious things. He’s pretty vocal about his feelings towards American Idol and the like and man, he is always spot on like the time he said, “TV talent shows make everyone sound like fucking Christina Aguilera.”

“How could you not want to do this? I get to sit around and talk about rock’n’roll all day, then go play music with my friends and laugh my arse off backstage, until it’s time to have a beer and get 80,000 people to sing with me. That’s not work!” – Dave Grohl

And his memes are just priceless. So if you’re having a tough day and are in dire need of a laugh, just look up his best moments – they’re guaranteed to improve your mood.

8. Keith Moon

Apart from slamming the skins, another thing Keith Moon loved to play were practical jokes and pranks. As long as you are within three feet of him, you’re not safe. He doesn’t just flush explosives down the toilet or blow up his drum set, one time he and John Entwistle rigged a gong system. What resulted was a hilarious scene – each time the drummer would try to hit the gong, it would move out of his reach!

That’s not all though. Sometimes, he would go around dressed as a bald vicar all the while screaming obscenities. That must’ve been quite a sight!

“Yes. I get bored, you see. There was a time in Saskatoon, in Canada. It was another ‘Oliday Inn and I was bored. Now, when I get bored, I rebel.” – Keith Moon

It’s sure never boring with Keith Moon around. There’s basically no such thing as “too much” for him. And we’ll admit, some of his pranks are seriously funny.

7. Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne deserves an entire list for himself about all the funny things he’s ever said and done. He has enough memes to keep you busy and happy the entire day. So where do we even begin? There was the time Sharon chose a bubble machine for his concert entry and how did Ozzy respond? He said, “I’m f***ing Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of f***ing Darkness. Evil! Evil! Whats f***ing evil about a s**tload of bubbles?!”

And let’s not forget his unforgettable lines in The Osbournes. Okay, some of you may argue these are scripted but hey, that doesn’t change the fact that they’re still hilarious.

“Don’t you start f**king singing. The f**king birds will die.” – Ozzy Osbourne

Even with all those tales of him hauling a shark, snorting a line of ants, and eating the ear off a live bat, you can’t help but love the guy. He’s funny, crazy and he’s the Prince of F**king Darkness.

6. Steven Tyler

He may not be a prankster but Steven Tyler sure likes to have fun and joke around. Everyone who watched American Idol has seen his antics (remember the time he took off his clothes, handed them to J.Lo and jumped off into the pool while the other judges were watching?) and it’s just no fun without him. He was definitely what the show needed.

And while we no longer see him often on TV, it’s undeniable that he’s one of the funniest guys in rock. Even his colleagues are well aware of that!

“After some long… hard… thoughts… I’ve decided it’s time for me to let go of my mistress American Idol before she boils my rabbit.” – Steven Tyler

Oh and it doesn’t take much to make him laugh too just like when he stopped by some buskers and took over their instruments including a homemade xylophone. He was giggling like a little girl. It’s so hard not to love this guy!

5. The Beatles

These four lads just wanted to have fun. They’re hilarious, sarcastic, and cheeky as hell. If you can’t handle their humor, it’s best to look away now.

Though most of the memes we see on the internet today are from the films “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Help!”, there were several scenes which were unscripted and improvised. You can only imagine how chaotic it was while filming them. You have these talented boys who wanted to have fun and go all-out. Oh, and they know how to answer the stupid, annoying questions too!

“Well, none of us are very sporty, you know. The only sport we do bother with is swimming. We don’t count it as a sport, but … And hobbies are just writing songs.” – John Lennon

We just love their humor and how they made light of everything – well, almost everything. In their early days, they were always goofing around.

4. David Bowie

The reason we love interviews like the ones on this clip is that we get a sneak peek into the man, not just the musician or the artist. And well, David Bowie may be serious about his craft but he sure knows when to let loose.

Oh and we wish he told us what his “internet name” was! We bet it’s nothing short of fabulous. He’s a funny guy and he never passed up the chance for a good, hearty laugh.

“I always thought I was intellectual about what I do, but I’ve come to the realization that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing half the time.” – David Bowie

David Bowie’s the whole package – talented, musical genius, hilarious and cool. What’s not to love about him? And now that we think about it, the world’s not the same without him and his creativity.

3. The Rolling Stones

Have you ever seen Keith Richards imitating Elvis Presley? Or when Mick Jagger kept rolling his eyes or giving side-eyes during a performance at The Ed Sullivan Show? Or Charlie Watts falling asleep in interviews? It’ll make you say, “Oh they’re just like us!” Well that’s true except for the fact that they have plenty of commas in their net worth.

So anyway, going back, when you put a bunch of guys who just want to have fun together, there’s guaranteed to be a riot. That’s pretty much what makes life on the road interesting.

“The Rolling Stones does not tend to be associated with happy moments. It was kicking people in the teeth and just being happy that we survived.” – Mick Jagger

Okay so maybe their idea of fun is different but hey, some of their antics are kind of hilarious too. Even Charlie thinks Keith is funny and yeah, we think he’s absolutely right.

2. Freddie Mercury

We don’t exactly know the context but when he said, “Haven’t hit him yet, there’s still time.” that one had us totally cracking up. He is so savage! But you know, when we saw him perform while riding on Darth Vader’s shoulders we were 100% certain he’s the guy you want to call when you need a good laugh.

He may be introverted and shy but he sure makes interviews a thousand times more fun. Besides, there are worse ways to answer questions but dang, Freddie knows how make everyone LOL.

“I’m the one member of the band for whom money isn’t very endearing. I’m the one who spends it straight off. It just goes. On clothes, and I like nice things around me.” – Freddie Mercury

When asked if his name is really Freddie Mercury, he answered: “No, Mercury isn’t my real name, dear. I changed it from Pluto.” Man, he sure had “fun” written all over him!

1. Prince

Prince isn’t just funny, he’s extremely sassy as well. From appearing in the comedy show New Girl to that hilarious The View episode, he sure knew how to entertain people even without playing music. We can watch hours of his interviews all day long. We mentioned earlier about Freddie Mercury being savage, well, Prince takes it to another level.

He didn’t mind throwing shade at ANYBODY and he could be a bit of a diva but still, we loved him for it. If he failed at making you laugh, then you definitely need more humor.

“Prince did an interview with a woman at Record World [in 1978]. They talked about whatever, then he asked her, ‘Does your pubic hair go up to your navel?’ At that moment, we thought maybe we shouldn’t encourage him to do interviews.” – Bob Merlis

He’s flashy and always extra. Life’s a whole lot more colorful with him around – yep, we’re officially missing him right now.