10 Rock Songs Perfect For Valentine’s Day

10 Rock Songs Perfect For Valentine’s Day | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ready For Romance?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and people are already posting some vomit-inducing cheesiness on social media. Okay, bitterness aside, one of the best things about this time of the year is you can now play the corniest, cheesiest songs in the history of rock without being judged. So yes, blast those speakers and guaranteed, your neighbors won’t hate you (for now, at least).

1. Foreigner – “Waiting For A Girl Like You”

For the record, this is possibly among our favorite live versions of this track. It’s a soft rock power ballad that will make you thankful you grew up in that era when music was so dang good. It’s really no surprise why this is one of Foreigner’s most successful and popular songs. You’ve probably heard this many times since it’s been featured in films (Footloose, Snow Day and Spades), games (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Rock Band), and TV shows (Glee and Stranger Things). It’s a real classic and a must for every Valentine’s Day playlist. It’s romantic but it still rocks. It doesn’t matter whether you’re out on a date or at home by yourself, this is the only thing you need – some great music to enjoy and well, maybe a couple of tubs of ice cream (we highly recommend Ben & Jerry’s Triple Caramel Chunk). Now you’re all set.

2. Peter Frampton – “Baby, I Love Your Way”

What’s better than a date and a box of chocolates? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Lol, we’re kidding. Peter Frampton serenading you with “Baby I Love Your Way” is definitely better. It takes you back to the ‘70s and it gives you butterflies in your belly. We just miss everything from that decade – yes, including those jeans and that hairstyle. They bring back some pretty awesome memories. Besides, it doesn’t matter what stage of dating you’re in (or if you’re happy being single – duh, it’s awesome), this will fit perfectly in your playlist. So when someone asks what your plans are for Valentine’s Day, just tell them you’re out on a date with Mr. Frampton. Don’t you feel jealous of those who saw him when he was at the height of his career? Man, if we can only turn back time. Then again, he’ll hit the road for another tour so that’s still a great post-Valentine’s gift for ourselves, right?

3. Eric Clapton – “Wonderful Tonight”

You know, people might disagree with us but we still think this is one of the most romantic pieces from Eric Clapton – it’s an absolute masterpiece from the guitar god. It’s the perfect song for date nights and no, it’s far from being cheesy. It’s so soulful and really gives you that ‘in love’ vibe. Even if you’re bitter, cynical or cold-hearted, this will hit you right in the feels. Man, there’s always something about Eric Clapton that really sets him apart from other musicians. Sure, he has more talent in his thumb than our whole bodies but he also has that quality about him that commands everyone to listen to him the moment he starts playing. That’s probably why this has become a staple in events like the prom or weddings. Seriously, guys, how many times have you heard the bride and groom have their first dance to this tune?

4. Styx – “Lady”

There’s always something about songs written by the musicians for their lady loves or in this case, for the wife of Styx’s founding member Dennis DeYoung who also happened to be his high school sweetheart. Awwww, that’s so sweet. It’s a beautiful, touching tribute to his woman and it’s the most romantic thing ever – when your love gets immortalized in a song and played for all the world to hear. Oh, and this isn’t the only track Dennis dedicated to her. It’s one classic tune and we especially like this live version – the vocals are hands-down amazing. It can’t get any better than this. The incredible power blew us away. You see, if you had one shot at making a good impression (and maybe show off your golden pipes in case you have any talent in the vocal department), then you better impress your lady with this song. It’s pure magic.

5. Van Morrison – “Crazy Love”

We don’t know which we love more – the tune or the lyrics (“I can hear her heart beat for a thousand miles / And the heavens open every time she smiles…”). It’s very poetic and really romantic. Also, it doesn’t matter what age you are, this song will make you fall in love all over again. It’s so full of soul and raw emotion that you just can’t get enough of it. For the record, we played this for five times now and we’re still planning to put it on repeat. This is everything that music’s supposed to make you feel – it’s simply magical. And with Ray Charles? Now this is everything. It’s an absolute musical treasure. Yes, there’s just so much talent on that stage – grand combination for sure. It almost feels like this is a wonderful gift they bestowed upon us. This is just way too beautiful for us.

6. Rod Stewart – “Have I Told You Lately”

Okay, do we really need to explain why this Rod Stewart classic hit is included in this list? This was written and originally performed by Van Morrison. According to English poet and musicologist Brian Hinton, “One of the finest love songs of the century, which I remember devastated me when I first heard it, as it seemed both something never quite said before, and yet a song I felt I had known forever. Earthly love transmutes into that for God, just like in Dante, ‘there’s a love that’s divine and it’s yours and it’s mine.’ The morning sun has set by the end of the song, suggesting love shading into death, but subtly.” Rod Stewart’s rendition is exactly how every cover version should be – it should rival the original. It’s timeless. Even after all these years, we still find it one of the best songs to play not just on Valentine’s but basically the whole month of February and beyond.

7. Boston – “Amanda”

That voice is simply on another level. This was actually the first thing that came to mind when we made this list. It’s powerful, intense, raw and soulful – all the things you want to hear in a song. While we love so many tracks from Boston, surprisingly so, this is the only one which topped the charts and peaked at no.1. There’s just something so intimate about a song with someone’s name on it. Think about it, “Layla” and “Rosanna” were timeless hits too. We don’t know why Tom Scholz, the writer, chose “Amanda” but we think it fits the song perfectly. Still, this made us miss Brad Delp. The world is just not the same without him – that voice will always send chills down your spine. You can try hitting the notes he sung and you’re lucky if you don’t fail like most of us. This man’s a real gift to humanity.

8. The Beatles – “Something”

George Harrison wrote so many beautiful songs and this is perhaps his finest moment as a songwriter. There are plenty of cover versions but this one by the Quiet Beatle himself is just magical and almost otherworldly. According to Music Radar’s Geoff Emerick, “George had a smugness on his face when he came in with this one, and rightly so – he knew it was absolutely brilliant. And for the first time, John and Paul knew that George had risen to their level.” And we couldn’t agree more. Artists from Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley to Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker have covered it but so far, Harrison’s live version is still our favorite. It’s a spectacular classic tune and the melody is just beautiful. Even John Lennon and Paul McCartney both agreed that it was one fine piece. George Martin even said, “I first recognised that he really had a great talent when we did ‘Here Comes the Sun.’ But when he brought in ‘Something,’ it was something else … It was a tremendous work – and so simple.”

9. Aerosmith – “Angel”

If you’re thinking of adding “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” for your Valentine’s playlist, please don’t. Not that we don’t like that Aerosmith song, we just think it’s a bit overrated. Why don’t you go for “Angel” instead? It’s a power ballad featuring one of the sexiest frontmen in rock (yes, even in jumpsuits and tights) – Steven Tyler. We just love this guy. Although to be fair, even hard rock songs will sound sexy and romantic if he’s singing it. His voice is definitely a gift to this world. Besides, he sounds amazing live. How many rock acts can boast of sounding the same or better than their recording? Anyway, while we’re not exactly big fans of the lyrics, overall this song rocks. And yes, it’s also ideal for date nights. We know it may come across as cheesy but come on, it’s Steven Tyler people. That raspy voice is enough to make couples fall in love with each other all over again.

10. The Eagles – “Love Will Keep Us Alive”

We’d like to point out that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea especially since we are aware that there other Eagles classic hits that most fans prefer. But surely, if you’re on a date this Valentine’s, the last thing you’d want to play is “Desperado” right? Of course, you want to plug in something as intimate and as romantic as this. Although we don’t recommend listening to this post-breakup. It will only remind you of the time you first met and boy, that’s definitely not how you’d want to spend your Valentine’s Day – moping around and crying over Netflix and red velvet cake. Still though, this should be a part of every playlist that has anything to do with love and romance. It continues to be a staple in classic rock radio stations and it’s no wonder why – we know the lyrics by heart and the melody makes you feel nostalgic.