10 Rock Legends To Follow on Instagram – Yes They Have Legit Accounts!

10 Rock Legends To Follow on Instagram – Yes They Have Legit Accounts! | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Paul McCartney and Steven Tyler for the Freshen Up Tour - @paulmccartney / Instagram

Today’s digital age has provided the everyday chap the power of lightning-fast communication and interaction with just a single click. These advancements have provided humankind with unparalleled ease and comfort, but also offers a surreal experience, especially when given the chance to interact with the most influential people of the world, including rock stars. Even the legendary icons of five decades ago have caught up with technology, manning their very own social media accounts to connect with fans and share their personal experiences. Instagram, the leading photo social media app, has an active user base of a billion people per month, including some of our favorite rockstars. Here are some of them, so take a gander and follow away!

Ozzy Osbourne

The Prince of Darkness has retired his freakshow of an image, and has instead taken to social media to reminisce his bizarre reputation. Aside from promotional material, Ozzy posts cover pages and posters from his hey day, making for a fantastic walk down the memory lane.


Patti Smith

The punk poet laureate posts snippets of her daily life on her Instagram, as well as snapshots of her shows and some throwback photos that are gems to scroll through.


Bruce Springsteen

The Boss is in the ‘gram as well! Springsteen likes to post about his new material, with promotional posters and videos teasing fans left and right. An occasional look back to the past is featured as well, with the young Boss captured with other artists and musicians in the moment.


Stevie Nicks

One of rock’s queens, Stevie Nicks didn’t let the opportunity of connecting with fans old and new pass her by. Nicks often posts about her whereabouts, as well as photos from her prime years.


Kieth Richards

Notorious Stones guitarist Kieth Richards,or Keef as he’s adoringly referred to, has been on the social media site, posting photos mostly of his current engagements, showing how he’s living in the moment.


Mick Jagger

If Kieth’s here, so is his partner in crime. The world-renowned frontman likes to post photos of his hey day, concert schedules, and recent updates of his recuperation from a minor heart surgery.


Ann and Nancy Wilson

The prime movers of the band Heart are also on Instagram, updating fans with videos of their current experiences, with some looking back to their career’s past. The sisters’ beauty are still as timeless as ever, as evidenced by their recent posts.



James Hetfield

Metallica’s iconic frontman takes to Instagram to share his daily life, ranging from food adventures, to foraging and hunting with African tribes.


Steven Tyler

Probably one of the funniest Instagram accounts around the Internet, Steve Tyler makes a gag out of almost everything. Tyler also posts Aerosmith’s performances once in a while, proving the band hasn’t lost their touch just yet.


Paul McCartney

The former Beatle has Instagram to post photos and videos of his prime years, from self photos to stadium shots. McCartney also reminisces his late wife Linda and his children through some heartwarming captions.