10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be A Guitarist

10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be A Guitarist | I Love Classic Rock Videos

One of the best guitarists in rock, David Gilmour, on his 2016 show in Pompeii - HDPinkFloyd / Youtube

The guitar is probably the most popular musical instrument to ever be created. The standard six-stringed instrument has endured design changes over time, with a signature hollow body and fret system to produce sound. Today, various string configurations, solid body constructions (electric guitars), and other modern innovations still pay homage to the original design. But what’s in it for those who play the guitar? Some people may be turned off by the steep learning curve of the instrument, especially when you have to pair it with learning the basics of music theory. Still, here are some reasons why being a guitarist is seriously rewarding.

Playing Music

This is the most obvious reason why people delve into the wonderful world of guitars. Whether it be imitating your favorite rocker or creating original music, nothing beats learning the guitar, primarily due to its flexibility. Be the one in your circle who can provide music for them to sing to.

Enhances Brain Function

From memorizing chord shapes and note positions, up to crafting your own arrangements from music scales, playing the guitar does a lot to sharpen your mind. A lot of factors overlap when learning to play the guitar, forcing the brain to re-assess its function for a seamless multitasking mode. Even keeping time, which not a lot of people are gifted at, trains the brain to adjust accordingly, especially when playing live.

Physical coordination and reflexes

Apart from mental fortitude, guitar playing also improves your muscle memory and manual dexterity, through the time spent practicing and perfecting your form. Some beginners are put off by the thought of having to constantly monitor their fretboard while playing, which isn’t really hard to lay off when your muscle memory does the job for you.

Good For Your Health

Yes, you read it right. One study from the Netherlands found out that people who practiced music for more than a hundred minutes a day, have notably lower blood pressure from those who don’t. Three of the test subjects were guitarists, so pick up your axe and live a healthier life now.

Building Self-Esteem and Positivity

Just the simple thought of mastering basic chords and note positions can give a sense of confidence for the player, pushing them forward for another greater goal. From playing songs successfully, to crafting original tracks, helps the brain release dopamine, the happy hormone, combating stress, making you happier, and contributing to overall confidence everytime you pick up your instrument. Bring out that stage swagger for a solid rock star appeal.

Meeting Fellow Musicians and Enthusiasts

Appreciation for music is intensified when you play an instrument, especially the guitar. Knowing every note and style behind each song makes for a more personal experience. Meeting kindred spirits allows for greater musical appreciation, as you get to blend in with a crowd of the same musical taste. Plus, jamming it out with these newfound friends makes for a great bonding activity.


Unleash your inner artist with your very own styles and tone. Starting from song covers with your own twist, up to creating your original tracks, you can feature your unique techniques and sound for that authentic musical feel.

Develop your Discipline and Focus

Playing the guitar requires practice, as even virtuosos wouldn’t get far without pairing their knowledge and talent with incessant practice. This trains you to properly manage your time to allocate practice hours, and focus on the task at hand, as practice require dedication. Just an hour of practice a day goes a long way.

Rockstar Appeal

There’s just something cool about a person who can play the guitar. Studies show that mastering an instrument, especially a guitar, is associated by onlookers with intelligence, success, physical prowess, and material wealth. No wonder groupies find guitarist hot. All jokes aside, there’s something about a guitarist’s appeal that’s just hard to resist.

Opportunity to Turn it into a Profession

Those who are dedicated enough to toil and invest time and effort into making music, often find themselves in the industry as a result. From sessions musicians to full-fledged artists and bands, being a guitar player has its perks in the career-side of things.

For the guitarists out there, what pushed you to pick up the instrument?