10 Reasons Why Classic Rock Festivals Were The Place To Be

10 Reasons Why Classic Rock Festivals Were The Place To Be | I Love Classic Rock Videos

A snippet from the iconic Woodstock Festival of 1969 - Rare Celebrity Pictures / Youtube

Classic rock festivals from the past millennium became one of the most cherished activities in the music industry, which led to various iterations and adaptations, carrying on to modern times with multiple versions for various genres. But to the purists and enthusiasts alike, none could top what the past had to offer. Iconic festivals such as Woodstock and Monterey Pop made their marks in history, but what exactly made the proposition so attractive?

1. Great Music

You’re a hypocrite if you didn’t go to these music festivals for music. Classic rock festivals were known for massive production values and schedules that spanned weeks or more, meaning there’s a continuous stream of music for every fan around. These gatherings prove the testament of the unifying power of music, regardless of affiliation, race, belief, and whatever floats everybody’s boats.

2. Artists and Bands

Aside from the music, nothing beats meeting and seeing your favorite artists and bands in the flesh, all gathered in one venue. You might even spot your favorite movie stars in the crowd, or while you’re taking hikes in-between breaks, come across your idols on the street and engage in small talk. The possibilities were endless in the show business side of things in the music industry.

3. Meeting New People

What’s a rock festivals without making new friends, right? Kindred souls who share the same passion in music, interests, and hobbies, there’s something pure about that instant connection with a total stranger, much more developing meaningful relationships from serendipitous encounters.

4. No Dress Code

Rock festivals are one of the few social events that often have no-holds barred freedom to dress up in whatever way you want. Woodstock was known for Hippie Culture, with tie-dyed shirts, long hair, headbands, and everything that had anything to do with the movement. These often became trendy after the festival, so who knows that your get-up might be the next trendsetter.

5. Sex, Drugs, and Rock N’ Roll

No, we’re not talking about the Ian Dury song. As with the theme of liberation in these events, shagging and substance use were prevalent in these festivals, and became a standard in the following events. Nothing like sharing a joint with random strangers, or making steamy hot love behind the bushes, the vitality of youth taking its share of gratification.

6. Camping

With events spanning from three days to over two weeks, it isn’t the wisest decision to go cross-country everyday just to see your favorite bands. Instead, you pack up essentials, dust off that tent, and find a spot on the dedicated fields for that camping experience. The event becomes a communal collection, sharing bonfires with tent neighbors, borrowing food and clothing as well, everything is just a wholesome experience from start to end.

7. Appreciation of the outdoors

These festivals are effective breaks from the real world, whether it be from an office job, or hectic schedules at school. Because these events are usually staged at blank fields, or near nature parks and reserves, gives ample time to reflect on the toll taken by the everyday hustle and bustle of life, while granting newfound appreciation of nature, the weather, and the perfect ensemble of music and friends that make the time worth the while.

8. It’s Worth the Bill

It isn’t everyday you get to go to an event that provides an exhaustive list of artists in one sitting, let alone a span of days altogether. Back in Woodstock ’69, it cost $42 (equivalent to $280 today) for the three-day event, which is a steal in itself, and you get to see Hendrix, Joplin, CCR, and more in just a single event.

9. Travelling

For those who come from afar, travelling to the rock festival’s venue was an experience in itself. Seeing historical sights for the first time, zipping by nature in a blur, or your ride breaking down the middle of the road, everything is just memorable with friends and family travelling together for a great musical experience.

10. Memories

Seriously, the memories made during these festivals were one for the books for many participants. All these factors come together to be imprinted into your memories for years to come, and make for perfect stories to tell. Imagine going on concert, but a thousand times better due to the whole experience, which are sometimes surreal, especially when festival goers return to their daily routines.

What are other reasons that made you attend (or wanted to) these classic rock festivals? Share your stories on the comments section now!