10 Obscure But Great 70s’ Bands Who Should Have Been More Famous

10 Obscure But Great 70s’ Bands Who Should Have Been More Famous | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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It’s not easy to reach for the stars and obtain everyone’s approval when it comes to pursuing your dream. For someone as tough as the music scene, competition tends to be harder than what it looks like. You may have the talents, but do you have what it takes to thrive in the business? Take a look at these obscure 70s bands who deserved more than what they have gained at the height of their careers.


Phantom’s Divine Comedy

After the release of Phantom’s Divine Comedy Part I LP, rumors were circling about the late Jim Morrison being the frontman of this rock group. When their record label capitalized on their popularity, they were threatened with legal action, therefore, leaving the band to dust.


This Japanese rock group definitely resembles the Black Sabbath and Deep Purple influence, which relies on metal and hard rock. Ginbae released only one LP, but the 5-song list is worth the listen.

Third World War

It’s awful to know that these guys didn’t achieve the right amount of appreciation, amidst being ahead of the game. They were among the first bands to combine the earliest metal with aggressive punk.


Zarpo was a cool name for a Spanish band who might have a chance to be on top, but the lack of English lyrics might’ve been the reason why they’re left in the shadows. They have passion and skills, yet they never made it, sadly.


Not to be confused with the one who performed Eye of The Tiger, these guys released an album that was a classic. There was a certain nod to the early Rainbow years, but unfortunately, they didn’t stick around.


Forming their name from the chemical formula of Phosphorus Pentoxide, P2O5 had incorporated mystic and prog-rock to their songs. They have only released two albums until they disappeared.

Night Sun

Night Sun was such a dynamic group and their style almost resembles all the heavy ends of the metal wheel. The band split the following year, releasing only one album.


The surging krautrock from the German band McOil is powerful and bewildering. They weren’t successful in their ventures; it even got to the point where they released their only album by themselves since they didn’t have deals from the record company.

Highway Robbery

Michael Stevens from Highway Robbery is a naturally-gifted guitarist, but the group didn’t saw the light at the end of the tunnel after their record company, RCA, dropped them. They have only released one album, For Love Or Money.


This American rock band had a lot to give during the 70s, combining the psychedelia of the 60 and the progression of the 70s to create a fully-fledged debut LP. Unfortunately, the lack of commerciality broke them, but they’ve reunited since 2010.