10 Lindsey Buckingham Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

10 Lindsey Buckingham Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Lindsey Buckingham live at USC - TheLeapTV / Youtube

Lindsey Buckingham has always proved his worth as a musician of his right. With his long line of successful hits and beloved tunes from both his time in Fleetwood Mac and as a solo artist, there’s nothing that this man can’t do. But, do you know all the things there is to know about this man? If not, then, we’ll introduce you to these 10 Lindsey Buckingham facts that are worth knowing. Enjoy!



He is from a family of competitive swimmers

He and his older brothers Greg and Jeff participated in numerous competitive swimming events until Lindsey pursued his music career. Greg Buckingham would even compete at the 1968 Olympic games, scoring a silver medal.

Stevie Nicks was his girlfriend since high school

The two met at Menlo-Atherton High School and formed a folk band with their friends. Later, they would pursue music as a duo, and the rest is history.

His album with Stevie Nicks is the most sought-after bootleg album

Before they started their career in Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey and Stevie were a folk-rock duo who released only one album, Buckingham Nicks. Fans can’t get enough of their nude cover photo.

He didn’t want to leave his partner behind

Mick Fleetwood recruited Lindsey Buckingham after the drummer heard “Frozen Love.” He was recruited, but Buckingham insisted to include Stevie Nicks as well because they were “a package deal.” It all worked out in the end.

He dedicated his album Go Insane to another long-term girlfriend

The girlfriend in question was Carol Ann Harris, who Lindsey met during the mixing of Rumours.

The singer visiting Saturday Night Live was probably one of the highlights of the season

SNL’s fake BET talk show “What Up With That?” is a segment with Bill Hader portraying Lindsey Buckingham. The show went even better when the real Buckingham joined the cast during SNL’s finale season and things got funnier ‘till the end.

Tusk was inspired by Sex Pistols

The album Tusk was Lindsey’s follow-up after Fleetwood Mac’s most successful album Rumours. It was a direct nod to punk rock artists of the generation, i.e., Sex Pistols.

He’s not a fan of picks

Just like any titans of music, Lindsey prefers to use a finger-picking style over guitar picks every day. Thank heavens, he’s blessed with such an amazing talent.

The guitarist helped one of his heroes to create a magnificent comeback album

It’ll be a time worth remembering if you’d help the person whom you’d adore the most create a fantastic comeback LP. Kingston Trio member John Stewart asked Buckingham’s help to produce Bombs Away, Dream Babies.

He sang “Holiday Road,” The National Lampoon’s Vacation theme

Perhaps one of the fan’s most beloved tracks from the guitar hero, “Holiday Road” is written, and sung by Lindsey for the 1983 film National Lampoon’s Vacation.