10 Gems From Led Zeppelin Reissues

10 Gems From Led Zeppelin Reissues | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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There are plenty of songs worth noticing under a big pile of reissued albums from Led Zeppelin. While we can all look forward to another level of those classic tracks that the band’s best known for, we may have to take another look if any unreleased gems are worthy to be included, yet for some reason, didn’t make the final cut. With that in mind, let’s take notice of these 10 tracks of Led Zeppelin reissued albums that you need to listen to right now.


“Sugar Mama” – Coda

“Baby Come Home” and “Sugar Mama” are recorded in the same session, when Led Zeppelin was still going by the name The New Yardbirds. The pop and R&B-driven power rock are definitely what you’d expect on their style in the later years to come.

“La La” – Led Zeppelin II

“La La” was recorded under the band’s II sessions, but it was quite different in style and structure that the band decided to exclude it. Its pop-like rhythm is then snubbed with Jimmy Page’s rambling guitar torrent midway.

“10 Ribs & All / Carrot Pod Pod (Pod)” – Presence

Presence is Led Zeppelin’s heaviest album, therefore, there’s no room for a melodic number of “10 Ribs & All / Carrot Pod Pod (Pod)” by John Paul Jones. Its structure, however, prefigures the upcoming structure of the next album, In Through the Out Door.

“Jennings Farm Blues” – Led Zeppelin III

“Jennings Farm Blues” is the electric and syncopated version of LZ’s acoustic “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp.” It had some similarities with the “Immigrant Song.”

“Traveling Riverside Blues” – Coda

 This blazing take on Robert Johnson’s 1937 original, “Traveling Riverside Blues” is performed in 1969 for the BBC session of Led Zeppelin. Both Plant and Page were given writing credits for the song owing to the several changes in its arrangement.

“If it Keeps on Raining” – Coda

This less accented “If It Keeps on Raining” is a refreshing take on the boisterous song that we all know: “When the Levee Breaks.”

“Key to the Highway / Trouble in Mind” – Led Zeppelin III

This two-part medley didn’t make the final listings of Led Zeppelin III because it didn’t contain a well-established structure in the first place. The somewhat jam song only has Page and Robert Plant performing in it.

“St. Tristan’s Sword” – Coda

This funky tune is a leftover from Led Zeppelin III but only came to light on Coda’s reissue. Page’s magnificent riffs at the end part are worth it to be listened to.

 “Baby Come on Home” – Coda

“Baby Come on Home” was originally entitled “Tribute to Bert Berns,” who also received a co-writing credit for this one. The song was created during the debut album sessions but is famously known as an outtake from Coda.