Watch Conan O’Brien Marvel Over George Harrison’s Guitars

Watch Conan O’Brien Marvel Over George Harrison’s Guitars | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via MOJO Magazine / Youtube

American television host Conan O’Brien went speechless as he pondered on different George Harrison’s guitar collections, as seen in the video provided below.

An enclosed caption was also given. “Conan O’Brien gets up close and personal with George Harrison’s guitars in this exclusive clip from the new Guitar Collection iPad app.”

In the video, O’Brien seemed to have been mesmerized by all the guitars that surrounded him, feeling speechless and baffled with the opportunity to meet the instruments that Harrison had been playing at the peak of his career. One guitar that made him so fascinated is his 1957 Gretsch Duo Jet, wherein scratches are observed, according to the host, which makes it entirely gripping.

O’Brien frequently joked about his plans to “steal” the guitar by asking someone to “open up the trunk of my car.” He thanked Dhani, George’s son, and the one who spearheaded his father’s Guitar Collection app, and would want to give him a present for Christmas. He then began to be blown away by the “nicks and scratches” that made him wonder how did it get there, and a whole wonderful story that must’ve surrounded that one.

You can watch the video below.