10 Songs That Made These Rockstars Go Mainstream


9. Pink Floyd – “Money”

With Syd Barrett fronting the band, they may have only minimal mainstream popularity but they were already making a name in the underground music scene in London. But it was with Pink Floyd’s eighth album “The Dark Side of the Moon” when they finally achieved massive success – charting for 741 weeks and total sales of 41 million copies.

From the same album, “Money” was the band’s first hit in the United States. Some listeners thought the song was about in praise of money but it’s actually not.

“Money interested me enormously. I remember thinking, ‘Well, this is it and I have to decide whether I’m really a socialist or not.’ I’m still keen on a general welfare society, but I became a capitalist. You have to accept it. I remember coveting a Bentley like crazy. The only way to get something like that was through rock or the football pools. I very much wanted all that material stuff.” – Roger Waters

Aside from its commercial success, it also received widespread critical acclaim especially with David Gilmour’s guitar solo. The Rolling Stone magazine ranked it at #69 in their list of “The 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time.”


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