10 Rockstars Who Are Actually Funny IRL

10 Rockstars Who Are Actually Funny IRL | I Love Classic Rock Videos

These Guys Love A Good Laugh

Being a rockstar ain’t easy – hours, days and weeks of recording and hitting the road can take a toll on you. You can’t really go to all the places you used to hang out because there’ll be screaming fans everywhere. It’s exciting at first but eventually it gets tedious. Unless of course, you know how to have fun.

From pulling off epic pranks to letting loose during interviews , they never fail to make everyone crack up. And besides, rockstars are probably some of the most quick-witted humans to ever walk the earth. Rock ‘n roll has divas, sure, but there are also funny guys who just like to have a good time.

10. The Ramones

Okay so MAYBE this isn’t exactly funny for some but these punk rock legends are famous for something other than their music. Anyone who visits them gets a little treat from the boys – pee added to the drinks they’re offered.

And there were some famous people who fell victim to this too including Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols. And sadly, he drank the entire glass in one big gulp. Yikes.

“The Ramones always put a few drops of piss in anything they give to their guests as a little joke. Johnny Ramone was very friendly to Johnny Rotten when they met. He shook his hand, patted him on the back and asked him if he wanted a beer. Ha ha ha.” – Dee Dee Ramone

Yep, these boys sure know how to entertain guests. We hope some of them actually declined the offer of a beer. We can’t imagine the look on their faces when they found out.


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