ZZ Top’s Documentary Is Set For Home Video Release

ZZ Top’s Documentary Is Set For Home Video Release | I Love Classic Rock Videos

ZZ Top for the documentary Trailer for That Little Ol' Band From Texas - Eagle Rock / Youtube

ZZ Top’s documentary, titled  ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band From Texas, is getting the home video treatment this coming February 28, 2020. The documentary was first screened last summer in theaters, and will now be available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital video formats on the said release date.

This upcoming release will have a bonus 35-minute runtime added on top of the original film, which includes the live performances of songs like “Shuffle In C / Fannie Mae”, “La Grange”, “Brown Sugar”, and “Blue Jean Blues”, all of them shot at the Gruene Hall just for the film. Other songs also include “Thunderbird”, “Tush”, “Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers”, “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide”, and “Manic Mechanic”, which were all recorded some time between 1976 and 1981. Apart from the look back at the band’s 50 years in the industry with newly-revealed footage, the documentary also includes interviews with Josh Homme and Billy Bob Thornton.

Billy Gibbons said, “I think even our most steadfast fans will find themselves surprised by what they learn about those men behind the beards and cheap sunglasses. There we are, up there on the silver screen, and it’s something we’re delighted to share with fans of all stripes.”

Among some of the interesting facts that popped out on the film was how Billy Gibbon’s signature sound came to be, where he overdubbed the recording on their debut album for that fuller quality. Producer/manager Bill Ham didn’t like the idea though, so the studio owner Robin Brians sent Ham to pick up ribs from a place over 25 miles away so that Gibbons could record the parts without being hindered.

The ZZ Top documentary will be available for pre-orders on the Eagle Rock website, where it is bundled with items like a signed poster of the band, hats, shirts, and many more.