Y’all, This Girl Took Us To CHURCH With Her Rendition Of Journey’s “Faithfully”

Y’all, This Girl Took Us To CHURCH With Her Rendition Of Journey’s “Faithfully” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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‘Voice’ Contestant Knocks Journey Classic Out Of The Park

Holy smokes! It’s not everyday that we come across a Journey cover that gives us chills on the level of our favorite guy Steve Perry, but the one you’re about to see took us to CHURCH! 26-year-old Voice finalist Brooke Simpson blew away the competition earlier this week on The Voice semifinals when she rolled out a cover of Journey’s 1983 power ballad “Faithfully,” ironically afraid that it wouldn’t be nearly as big as her performance of “Amazing Grace” last week and finding, to her delight and ours, that “Faithfully” left that performance in the dust with its sheer size and power.

Fun Fact: Despite featuring no chorus, “Faithfully” has gone on to become one of Journey’s most recognizable hits and has enjoyed lasting popularity.

With a vocal delivery that can be described only as crystalline in its clarity and razor fine pitch and tone, Simpson is a force to be reckoned with as she channels the kind of power and drama required for a song as big as “Faithfully,” calling forth the essence of Steve Perry even in her ringmaster inspired outfit and slicked back hair and when the smoke and flames start up behind her? Forget about it – this isn’t a performance, it’s an experience. Check out Brooke Simpson’s absolutely stellar take on “Faithfully” in the video below and as always, enjoy!