Without You: What’s Better – Original vs. Cover?

Without You: What’s Better – Original vs. Cover? | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Without You (Remastered) – Badfinger /YouTube/ Without You – Harry Nilsson /YouTube

For every song released in the music industry, there’s a remarkable story attached to it. And what better would it be if that story becomes another tale based on someone else’s version of it? That’s the exact truth behind Badfinger and Harry Nilsson’s original and cover versions of the song, “Without You”.

Badfinger was a British pop band produced from The Beatles’ Apple record label. In the 70s, they were the frontmen in leading the invasion of the new pop era, releasing songs made from the genre. Moreover, when they released their second album No Dice, it was an instant hit and produced great songs including “Without You” that would eventually become so popular for the next few years, thanks to Nilsson’s version.

The group was led to an awful lot of errors during their active years, so it affected most of their creative artistry in music. However, the song still caught the melancholic aura it showed, creating a new standard of crafting a heartbreaking song from the mix of different instrumental techniques. That’s how wonderful their version was on its release.


So when Harry Nilsson heard this once inside a party, he immediately knew it was a song of full potential.

Like its original, Nilsson’s cover was also painstakingly good. But what he had brought to the table was a more refined, more distinct, and more favorable than those of the former version. His was so simple and gave way to the punch of higher notes right about its chorus and its smooth transitions. The song marked Nilsson’s career, generating him a nomination for the “Record of the Year” award at the 1973 Grammys.

Overall, it’s so difficult to assume which craftwork was better, as both gave justice to it. Whether you prefer the original or the Nilsson version, it’s really up to your taste in music. After all, without them, there will be no “Without You”.