Gene Simmons Leaving California For Nevada

Gene Simmons Leaving California For Nevada | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Gene Simmons in Late Night Show With Conan O’Brien - Team Coco /YouTube

Gene Simmons, the bassist, and co-singer of Kiss is now leaving California after 35 years for good.

The rocker expressed his thoughts of leaving in the New York Post interview. Simmons attributes the “tourist bus” and the people in it, with earthquakes, raging fires, and the pandemic also a part of the decision.

This was not the first time that the bassist expressed his remorse in living in California. Last October 2020, he once announced his disapproval and leaving his Beverly Hills suburb because of the high tax rates that made the place undesirable. “I work hard and pay my taxes and I don’t want to cry the Beverly Hills blues but enough is enough,” Simmons proclaimed.

He further described that Nevada’s “quieter” life draws him to attention, and its state income tax was not the top priority there. “Taxes there are also much more appealing,” he admitted as he becomes wary of California’s taxes that made the place so difficult to live.

Simmons and his family will now live inside a 12,000-square-foot mansion in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.