Why Stevie Nicks Feel “Let Down” By Fleetwood Mac

Why Stevie Nicks Feel “Let Down” By Fleetwood Mac | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Stevie Nicks in an interview from 1977 - WarmerMusicVideos / Youtube

As most rock bands do, Fleetwood Mac had its own ups and downs as well. On the outside, it seems as though their chemistry has always been perfect. But on the contrary, members don’t often get along so well, that ever Stevie Nicks felt that she was “let down” by her members.

It’s typical for Fleetwood Mac to have intense conflicts about songwriting because not everyone’s ideas can be implemented on every record. Despite the band’s chemistry, Stevie Nicks once complained about how the rest of the band members changed her songs without consulting her. Nicks is well-known for her penchant for writing music and adding heartfelt words to tunes. For her solo career, the singer had complete creative control over the songs, but when she was in Fleetwood Mac, things were different. Stevie thought that each time she contributed to the band, the songs and lyrics would go through a different creative process and emerge sounding totally different.

“My songs in Fleetwood Mac are always very different than they are when they’re just done by me because they change them,” Nicks said in an interview. “I am sometimes very sad at the way they change my songs.”

However, instead of making a big deal of such, Nicks would eventually forgive them as it often turns out that these altered songs would end out becoming great.

“I eventually get to like it, because I eventually forgive the fact that they changed it so much. And I decide that I kind of like what they did anyway and they weren’t such bad fellows after all.”

You can listen to the studio version of “Dreams” below, one of Stevie Nicks’ fantastic contributions to the group.