Why Queen Never Wrote Any Political Song

Why Queen Never Wrote Any Political Song | I Love Classic Rock Videos

John Deacon, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, and Brian May / Queen - Legon/Rex/Shutterstock

Roger Taylor revealed in a recent interview the reason why Freddie Mercury didn’t let the band associate with any political songs.

The drummer told Music Radar: “That [political songs] wasn’t something we really did as a band. It was a conscious choice,” Taylor explained. In the 70s, where hardcore political songs flourished, Freddie remained to be uninvolved from all that’s happening, and would rather want to be the bringer of good songs “that people can enjoy”.

Taylor, who just released an album named Outsider, admits to incorporating political themes which are quite a leap from any Queen albums he’s a part of.

The legendary drummer further continued: “But I hope I’ve been able to stay on the right side of the fine line between rock music and politics,” saying that he doesn’t want to preach on-stage and that Mercury might not forgive him if he does that.

Taylor has been a part of Queen since the 70s as a drummer, an occasional singer, and a fantastic songwriter.