Why Mungo Jerry Was One Of The Most Famous One-Hit Wonder Ever

Why Mungo Jerry Was One Of The Most Famous One-Hit Wonder Ever | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Beat-Club / Youtube

Celebrate the carefree days of summer with Mungo Jerry’s “In The Summertime” live performance. The video can be watch below.

Yes, Mungomania existed unexpectedly due to the large hype the band got after their monstrous 1970. In case you don’t know how large the song was, it peaked no. 1 in different charts around the world and became one of the best-selling singles of all-time with 30 million copies sold globally.

It’s easy to see why it’s popular. “In The Summertime” is the quintessential feel-good tune, a glorification of joyful nights and days guided through an irrepressible melody and Ray Dorset’s cheery tones. It was the ultimate summertime release. But the band members never thought the song’s wide potential to be instantly famous. “None of our other songs were remotely akin to ‘In The Summertime,’” Paul King commented. “[Our] management wanted to put a single out, and I think we suggested Mighty Man, but Barry Murray disagreed: ‘I think we should go with In The Summertime, it’s quite catchy.’”

The risk was all worth it, as this quickly became one of the most-streamed song in the radio stations. Apart from that, the song is also a classic staple on the band’s live performances. Although the band never had a single as big as this one, it’s evident that they will remain in the depths of music history with their classic track.

Here’s Mungo Jerry performing their hit song “In The Summertime” below. For their Beat-Club performance, you can click it here.