Why Geddy Lee Needed To Be Careful Writing With Neil Peart

Why Geddy Lee Needed To Be Careful Writing With Neil Peart | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Geddy Lee’s recent memoir, “My Effin’ Life,” delves into the intricate details of his time with the iconic rock band Rush. In a candid interview with BBC Radio 6 Music, Lee shared the challenges he faced, especially when addressing the sensitive topic of Neil Peart’s passing in 2020.

Reflecting on the difficulty of discussing Peart’s death

Lee acknowledged the need to be both discreet and honest in portraying his own perspective. In an hour-long conversation with host Craig Charles, he explained,

“It was very difficult, and I had to be discreet but honest about my perspective, you know? My perspective is only mine; it’s not the perspective of his family, his loved ones, his daughter, etc. That’s theirs, so I had to tread carefully, but I think it was helpful for me and I think people are interested to know what happened between [Rush’s] final gig in 2015 and… Neil’s passing.”

Lee emphasized his commitment to being respectful and honest

Offering a glimpse into the challenges Peart faced in his last years. He shared conversations and emails exchanged during a troubling time, paying homage to the 40-plus years they spent together.

“I hope fans understand that… in a way, it’s my homage to him and, you know, the 40-plus years we spent working, laughing and loving together, I guess you could say.”


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When asked about the aftermath of Rush’s last show

Lee clarified that Neil Peart had retired in 2015, creating a bitter moment for Lee and Alex Lifeson. Despite hoping for more shows, Peart had health concerns, leading to the end of the band.

“So, at the very last gig, we were quite divergent in our moods.”

Addressing the question of Peart being the greatest rock and roll drummer, Lee replied with a touch of humor,

“Well, he’s certainly one of them. He was my favorite, but I’m biased [Laughs].”

Geddy Lee’s careful and heartfelt reflections provide fans with a deeper understanding of the complex emotions surrounding the conclusion of Rush and the loss of Neil Peart. The memoir stands as a tribute to a remarkable career and the enduring friendship between Lee and Peart.

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