Why Dolly Parton Needed To Hold On To Stage During Thanksgiving Performance

Why Dolly Parton Needed To Hold On To Stage During Thanksgiving Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Dolly Parton, the legendary 77-year-old country singer, dazzled fans during the Thanksgiving halftime show at the Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Commanders game. However, some viewers became concerned when they noticed Dolly holding onto the stage for support during parts of her performance.

Recent details have emerged explaining the unexpected challenge she faced.

Jane Slater, an NFL reporter, took to her Instagram story to clarify the situation, stating,

“For those knocking my girl for just holding on here, she was supposed to come out of the Star and have a stand supporting her. It didn’t work.”

The root of Dolly’s unsteady moments lies in a stage malfunction. The performance was planned around a giant star-shaped stage with a hole in the middle, creating the impression that Dolly would emerge from the star and perform on top of it. However, due to the malfunction, Dolly had to sing beside the star, leaving her without the intended stand for support.


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Despite this unexpected challenge, Dolly Parton delivered a mesmerizing performance, singing iconic hits like “Jolene” and “9 to 5.”

The singer adapted to the situation with grace, showcasing her professionalism and resilience on stage.

The Dallas Cowboys declined to comment on the issue, emphasizing that multiple parties collaborate to produce the halftime show, and the NFL is not directly involved. While the stage malfunction added an unforeseen twist to Dolly’s performance, it only underscored her ability to captivate an audience, turning what could have been a stumbling block into a memorable and remarkable Thanksgiving halftime show.

Watch the full performance in the video below to witness Dolly Parton’s resilience and talent in action.