Why Elvis Presley Was Robert Plant’s Guardian Angel

Why Elvis Presley Was Robert Plant’s Guardian Angel | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Elvis Presley’s impact on Robert Plant was everything he needed to start his music career. Like many others, Presley was the standard; a shining star that most of the artists in the music industry became inspired by.

It was at the young age of 8 that Plant was introduced to Presley’s talents, having heard the latter’s hit “Hound Dog” for the first time. To him, it was a transformative moment – something he’d hold on to during his epic search for stardom in London pubs, jumping from one band to another, until he’d found his stability with Led Zeppelin.

Coincidentally, all of the Zeppelin members were huge fans of Presley. Jimmy Page, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones were also massive fans of the king of rock n’ roll. They would decide to see Presley on some occasions, but the real shot of bliss came when the king himself invited the members for a fun chat and a moment that they will all remember.

In an interview inside the BBC radio program Desert Island Discs, Plant recalled the band’s meeting with their idol. “He was talking to us and he said, ‘Well, how do you get on with sound checks and stuff?’ Led Zeppelin didn’t really do a lot of things like that, but when we did try out new equipment, whenever it might be, I’d want to sing an Elvis song. So, he said, ‘Well, what is it?’ And I said it’s a song called ‘Love Me.’”

After the talk, they shook hands and parted ways; then out of nowhere, his name was being called. “I turn around and Elvis is swinging out of the room, on the door frame, and does an Elvis to me – which we all do – and starts singing this song. So, the two of us are like the ultimate pub singers that night!”

He will always remember Presley as his guardian angel, who guided him on his path to fame. While lots of blues musicians have inspired the young Plant in the development of his music skills, it was Presley who provided him with a clear vision to pursue his love for music.