We Look Back At B.B. Kings Best Collaborations

We Look Back At B.B. Kings Best Collaborations | I Love Classic Rock Videos

BB King Live At Montreux, 1993 - Silentchannel / YouTube

They say that it’s best not to meet your heroes, but if it’s B.B. King that we’re talking about, why miss the opportunity?  A lot of rock musicians owe a debt of gratitude to B.B. King for their careers, as they grew up listening to his songs and were inspired to create their music. Some of them were even lucky enough to collaborate with him, providing the necessary means for good, old-fashioned teamwork. Just take a look at the list below.


Eric Clapton – Riding With the King

Eric Clapton never forgets to pay tribute to his favorite blues influences, an apparent feature noticeable when he paired up with B.B. for a collaborative album, Riding With the King.

Billy Gibbons – “Tired of Your Jive”

After turning 80 years old in 2005, King released a duets album titled B.B. King & Friends: 80. Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, was one of several special guests who helped out with this refined version of the classic blues song, “Tired of Your Jive.”


Mark Knopfler – “All Over Again”

This track, also from the 80 album, features two guitar greats known for making the most with the least, and it does not disappoint.

Roger Daltrey – “Never Make Your Move Too Soon”

From living behind the shadows of Pete Townshend’s guitar to collaborating with one of their blues heroes, Roger Daltrey has come this far in life.

Ringo Starr – “Part-Time Love”

Starr, whom B.B. King requested his presence during the latter’s sessions for his In London album, gave an amazing performance to “Part-Time Love.”

Joe Cocker – “Dangerous Mood”

Another wonderful duet from Deuces Wild, and a song that showcases the talents of both Joe Cocker and B.B. King.

U2 – “When Love Comes to Town”

Many people found fault with U2’s 1988 album Rattle and Hum, saying that the band had given in to their most dramatic and sincere impulses. The soundtrack may be short on great songs, but King gives “When Love Comes to Town” some welcome gravitas.

Joe Walsh – “Midnight”

In 1972, for King’s 20th studio album, L.A. Midnight, Joe Walsh provided some work on a handful of tracks. He is one in a long line of great soloists on this blues jam, which also features the likes of B.B. King and Jesse Ed Davis.

David Gilmour – “Cryin’ Won’t Help You”

Really, what else do you need? Two minimalist guitar greats coming together for a good cause, with Paul Carrack’s bluesy vocals as a bonus.

Rolling Stones – “Paying the Cost to Be the Boss”

The Stones had always been into paying tributes to their heroes. For this case, the rock band teamed up with King for some epic collab with the track “Paying the Cost to Be the Boss.”

Stevie Wonder – “To Know You Is to Love You”

A perfect match that yielded excellent outcomes, “To Know You Is to Love You” was the icing on the cake.

Bonnie Raitt – “Baby I Love You”

It’s easy to hear why King and Bonnie Raitt collaborated so often during his career after hearing their duet on “Baby I Love You.”

Van Morrison – “If You Love Me”

Van Morrison is at his most creative when he has the chance to have lively teamwork with a fellow creative he admires. This track from King’s Deuces Wild album in 1997 would eventually fulfill his wishes to collaborate with one of music’s beloved legends.