Watch When Peter Gabriel Sends A Sweet Message To Phil Collins

Watch When Peter Gabriel Sends A Sweet Message To Phil Collins | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In 1988, during an episode of the renowned television show, “This Is Your Life,” Phil Collins, the acclaimed musician and member of Genesis, experienced a heartwarming reunion with his bandmates. However, what made this moment even more special was a surprise video message from Peter Gabriel, another prominent figure in Genesis history. As Peter was on tour with Amnesty International at the time, his heartfelt and humorous message to Phil brought smiles, laughter, and a touching reminder of their shared journey. Let’s dive into this endearing moment captured on tape.

Reunion and Surprise

The episode of “This Is Your Life” featuring Phil Collins became an unforgettable event as his Genesis bandmates joined him on the show. The show itself sparked waves of nostalgia and camaraderie among the musicians who had shared countless musical adventures together. However, the surprise video message from Peter Gabriel added an extra layer of sentiment to the evening.

Peter Gabriel’s Sweet and Funny Message

As the video played, the audience eagerly anticipated Peter Gabriel’s words. What followed was a delightful mixture of sweetness and humor. Peter, with his signature charm, conveyed a heartfelt message to his fellow bandmate and friend. The message was infused with Peter’s unique wit, displaying the genuine bond that existed between the two musicians.

Heartwarming and Hilarious: Peter Gabriel’s Sweet Message to Phil Collins

“Hi Phil, this is Peter, and I’m sitting backstage in Montreal, and we are doing a tour for Amnesty International, taking us all the way around the world. And that’s the excuse I have for not being with you tonight. We’re very proud of you, Phil, and I remember a lot of things. I remember the five that I lent you in 1972, and I remember that you could play the drums a lot better than I could. (Ambien) Anyway, I’ve been very pleased to see your meteoric success and how well you’ve done in everything– production, singing, writing, acting. Well, I can think of a lot of words of how I feel, but jealous, of course, isn’t one of them. Anyway, I’m very pleased, and I wish you a great evening tonight and lots of love.”

Watch the clip below: