Paul McCartney Shares John Lennon’s Impressive Trait When They Met

Paul McCartney Shares John Lennon’s Impressive Trait When They Met | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The story of how Paul McCartney and John Lennon first met is the stuff of music legend. In the vibrant music scene of 1960s Liverpool, two young talents with a shared love for rock n’ roll crossed paths, setting the stage for the birth of a musical phenomenon. Reflecting on that fateful encounter, McCartney revealed an impressive trait that immediately captivated him about Lennon. In this article, we delve into their initial meeting and explore how this remarkable quality became a cornerstone of their creative partnership.

Impromptu Genius: John Lennon’s Ability to Improvise Lyrics

In an interview with This Cultural Life podcast, Paul McCartney recounted the day he first laid eyes on John Lennon. At Woolton Village Fete, where Lennon’s band, The Quarrymen, was performing, McCartney was introduced to Lennon through a mutual friend. It was during that encounter that McCartney discovered something that truly amazed him: Lennon’s ability to make up lyrics on the spot.

Recalling the moment, McCartney shared:

“I knew a couple of songs that I could do, and I knew all the lyrics, which was very impressive ’cause John was doing stuff we didn’t know all the lyrics. He was making them up, which I found was very impressive. So, I thought he was pretty cool for that.”

The Audition: McCartney’s Musical Skills Win Over Lennon

Eager to impress Lennon and join The Quarrymen, McCartney brought his guitar along and auditioned for the band. After witnessing The Quarrymen’s performance, McCartney seized the opportunity to showcase his own musical talents.

“One thing led to another… I ended up showing off a little by playing Eddie Cochran’s ‘Twenty Flight Rock’ on the guitar,” McCartney shared “I think I also played Gene Vincent’s ‘Be-Bop-a-Lula’ and a few Little Richard songs too.”

The Decision: McCartney’s Dilemma and the Birth of The Beatles

Following his audition, John Lennon expressed his desire for McCartney to join The Quarrymen. However, rather than approaching McCartney directly, Lennon sent Pete Shotton, the band’s washboard player, to extend the invitation. McCartney, unsure if pursuing a music career was the right path, grappled with the decision.

As a working-class teenager, McCartney questioned whether he should prioritize his studies or take the risk of pursuing music.

Reflecting on his thoughts during that time, McCartney wrote:

“I wasn’t exactly playing hard to get. But I was a careful young fellow. I wondered whether I really wanted to be in a band. Was this a good thing, or should I be trying to study for school?”

Ultimately, McCartney decided to seize the opportunity, and in 1962, The Beatles were formed with the addition of McCartney’s schoolmate, George Harrison, and drummer Ringo Starr. Their journey from humble beginnings in Liverpool to become the world’s most celebrated band serves as an inspiration for aspiring musicians everywhere.