Watch Van Halen’s 1995 Florida Concert

Watch Van Halen’s 1995 Florida Concert | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via JW65mo / Youtube

Van Halen’s Balance saw them at their highest and their lowest, apparently. As they began the year 1995 with another chart-topping album, they found themselves promoting it with a tour that led to some major events, especially with the Van Halen brothers.

The multiple injuries that the band endured over the course of their concerts resulted in Eddie Van Halen jokingly refer it as the “ambulance” tour. Eddie had issues with his hip which would turn out over the years as avascular necrosis and will result in his hip surgery for replacement. As for Anthony Van Halen, he had to wear a neck brace for quite some time to continue rockin’ on.

But that’s not the only thing that’s strained inside the band. Inside the Balance sessions, Eddie and frontman Sammy Hagar weren’t exactly being friendly with each other, mainly because there was bad blood that surrounded them the entire time. The tour would eventually turn out to be Hagar’s last as a member of Van Halen; he would come around once again to do the ill-fated 2004 tour of Van Halen, combining Hagar and former VH frontman David Lee Roth’s talents on stage that wasn’t meant to be blended for starters.

But all’s well that ends well; fans are still lucky to see Van Halen at one of the unforgettable tours of their career. Below is the full concert video of where they opened the tour in Pensacola Bay Center, in Florida. Check it out.