Watch This Janis Joplin Cover Band’s Unreal “Piece of My Heart” Performance

Watch This Janis Joplin Cover Band’s Unreal “Piece of My Heart” Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Seattle Entertainment Group / YouTube

American singer-songwriter Janis Joplin delivered heartfelt rock and blues. She was the most famous and commercially successful female rock star of her time. Janis gained fame for her powerful mezzo-soprano voice and electrifying performances. In Janis Lives, a cover band dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Pearl star, we see a recreation of that unforgettable performance, which was both thrilling and dramatic.

As far as we know, Janis Lives claims to be the only genuine international Janis Joplin tribute band. The amazing musicians featured in Janis Lives hope to resurrect Janis Joplin’s songs and win over a new audience. This dramatic creation, produced by and featuring Sherrie “Voxxy” Johnson as Joplin on vocals, is an attempt to capture and delight listeners while exposing them to the music of an icon. Janis Lives, formed in December 2014 and touring the United States and Canada ever since is the only cover band you need to hear great renditions of the legend’s songs.

In this fantastic rendition of “Piece of My Heart” by the group, Johnson’s impersonation of Janis Joplin is so engrossing that it will convert you to a fan even if you’ve never heard Janis Joplin’s music before. She looked, sounded, and acted much like how you’d imagine Janis would perform. As Sherrie Johnson performs as Janis Joplin, the legend is brought back to life.

Check it out below.