Watch The Whole Van Halen Incident At Jimmy Kimmel Live

Watch The Whole Van Halen Incident At Jimmy Kimmel Live | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Joe Dolan / Youtube

In the vibrant heart of Hollywood, Van Halen, the legendary rock band, brought the house down on March 30, 2015, with a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The atmosphere was electric, Hollywood Boulevard shut down in their honor, marking a significant moment: Van Halen’s first televised performance with original singer David Lee Roth.

The night kicked off with their classic hit “Panama,” and Roth, the charismatic frontman, was in his element, working the crowd into a frenzy.

But in the whirlwind of their performance, disaster struck. Roth accidentally hit the bridge of his nose with his microphone stand, drawing blood. Most performers might have crumbled, but not Roth. With blood trickling down his face, he soldiered on, wiping his nose on his jacket as he sang.

However, the show must go on, and during Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solo, Roth left the stage to tend to his injury. Moments later, he returned, his nose bandaged, but his spirit unbroken. Addressing the audience, he explained the situation, his resilience earning applause.

“I messed up my nose on the microphone, but we’re going to start again for you, and we’re going to give you a little extra for your patience here,” Roth declared.

The band launched into a fresh rendition of “Panama,” Roth, now bandaged but undeterred, leading the charge.

The night continued with a setlist that spanned their greatest hits, including classics like “Runnin’ With the Devil,” “Hot for Teacher,” “Eruption,” “You Really Got Me,” “Dance the Night Away,” and “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love.” Roth, never short of banter, reminisced with the audience about their club days and cracked jokes, keeping the energy high.

This memorable performance wasn’t just a display of Van Halen’s musical prowess; it showcased their sheer determination and Roth’s indomitable spirit. Despite the mishap, they roared through the rest of their hits, leaving an indelible mark on Hollywood Boulevard.

Little did they know, this electrifying night marked the beginning of the end for Van Halen’s live performances. After a few more televised shows and a triumphant tour in 2015, the band entered a period of inactivity. Tragically, in 2020, the world mourned the loss of Eddie Van Halen, the virtuoso guitarist whose passion for music and showmanship had lit up stages worldwide.