Angus Young Reveals The Band He Thinks Is “Boring”

Angus Young Reveals The Band He Thinks Is “Boring” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Angus Young live in 2016 - AC/DC / Youtube

In the realm of rock and roll, Angus Young stands as a true powerhouse. Whenever he graces the stage with AC/DC, it’s not just a performance; it’s a full-throttle, electrifying experience. With his guitar skills that can set any crowd on fire, Young has become synonymous with the raw, unadulterated energy of rock music.

But while Young knows how to keep a crowd roaring, he’s not one to mince words about what he finds boring in the music world.

In the early 1970s, when AC/DC was just emerging, progressive rock was on the rise. Bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis, and Yes were experimenting with intricate compositions and elaborate stage setups. Yet, Young had a different vision of what rock and roll should be.

In his eyes, the essence of rock was about simplicity, powerful chords, and a connection with the audience. AC/DC embodied this ethos, turning straightforward songs into anthems that resonated with fans worldwide. Young’s disdain for elaborate light shows and musical complexity was evident, especially when it came to Yes, one of the pioneering bands of progressive rock.


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When discussing Yes, Young didn’t hold back.

He found their performances lacking the vigor he believed rock music should possess.

“If I went to see somebody that was ‘musical’, I’d yawn my head off,” he remarked. To him, musicality without energy was a recipe for boredom, and Yes didn’t escape his critique. He imagined their elaborate light shows were compensating for what he saw as a lackluster performance: “Yes would probably come on with a fantastic light show. I’ve never seen them, but they probably use a light show to cover up that they’re bored and their music is boring, and they’re not making people jump.”

In stark contrast, Young believed in the power of the live performance itself.

His schoolboy uniform, initially adopted as a humorous stage gimmick, became iconic. But beyond the costume, it was Young’s unparalleled energy that captured audiences. He didn’t need elaborate props or flashy lights; his frenzied playing and stage presence were more than enough to keep fans mesmerized.

AC/DC did evolve over the years, incorporating some visual spectacles into their shows. Yet, at the core of their performances remained Young’s enduring stamina and the electrifying connection he forged with the audience. For Angus Young, rock and roll was, and will always be, about the raw, unbridled energy that courses through the veins of every true rock enthusiast. And as long as he’s on stage, boredom is the last thing anyone will experience.