Watch The Teaser For Upcoming Elvis Film

Watch The Teaser For Upcoming Elvis Film | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Robert van Beek / YouTube

A clip of the new Elvis trailer is here! Filmmaker Baz Luhrmann shared the teaser through a tweet on Valentine’s Day, 2022.

The Great Gatsby director captioned “Hey, it’s time to TCB!” in his tweet, a direct reference to Elvis Presley’s infamous motto, “Taking Care of Business.” The upcoming biopic is said to hit the cinemas this June 24. Its full trailer, however, will officially launch this Thursday.

Tom Hanks will play the role of Col. Tom Parker, Presley’s manager. Col. Parker became the person responsible for Presley’s rise to fame, both in music and in the Hollywood scene. Although he never picked a song or two for the legend to perform, he was the one who handled bookings, promotions, and negotiations.

The lucky one to play the King of Rock N’ Roll’s life is Austin Butler. Butler had roles in some famous movies such as “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” but this is his first time to land a lead role opposite a Hollywood legend. Is this another success story that Rami Malek had on Bohemian Rhapsody?

Filming happened in 2020 but was faced with a lot of difficulties. The production in Australia was shut down in March after Hanks and his wife, Rita, contracted COVID-19 while filming. Filming resumed in September of the same year.