Watch The Legendary 1971 James Gang Performance In Paris

Watch The Legendary 1971 James Gang Performance In Paris | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Before Joe Walsh became one of the legendary members of Eagles, he once belonged to a group of charming guys who created a band named James Gang. The group ventured on seeking fame, and they were quite there when they released “Funk #49” and “Walk Away,” their only remaining hits. After all the pressure, Walsh left the group, after realizing that he can’t handle the pressure of being the only writer and guitarist.

But amidst that scenario, we are lucky to have some footage of them performing at the 1971 French Television broadcast in Paris, France where they are seen performing at their best shape.

With Walsh on vocals and guitar, Tom Kriss on bass, and Jim Fox on drums, they managed to perform a 5-song set. The set includes “Stop”, “Walk Away”, “The Bomber”, “Woman”, and Chuck Berry’s classic “Johnny B. Goode.”

Everybody has something to offer, and they looked like they were also loving the performance. Although they broke up 6 years after, their charismatic performances will remain as something that the people could still idolize if they’re into underrated classic rockers back in the 70s.

Check out the performance below.