Watch The Best “Deuce” Of KISS In 1975

Watch The Best “Deuce” Of KISS In 1975 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Rock Archive / Youtube

KISS has always been a legendary live group, with their costumes, onstage antics, and top-tier performances. Today, let’s take a glimpse of the glory days of the 70s with the band’s performance of their hit, “Deuce” at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco, in the year 1975.

“Deuce” by KISS is written by Gene Simmons, the band’s bassist. It naturally became the band’s concert opener, with its history dating back almost around the time KISS released its eponymous album. Aside from that, the song is also known to be the band’s most-covered track of all time.

Simmons was inspired to write the song, after hearing The Rolling Stones’ song “Bitch.” “I wrote ‘Deuce’ on the bass,” he said. “So, the guitars ended up shadowing the bass line or variations of it in different octaves.” In turn, “Deuce” became one of the KISS’s well-beloved tracks in their catalog.

The video below shows a black-and-white performance of the band in the infamous concert hall in California. When it comes to this video, fans often discuss whether or not the official release or fan “remasters” are better. Aside from these issues, all versions of “Deuce,” other songs, and a shortened version of “Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll” exhibit similar tape glitches, which are suggestive of damage to the master tape. In the “KISSology” version, it fades out as Paul’s stage rap returns with fan interpretations of the song.

You can watch it here.