Watch Stevie Ray Vaughan Perform an Incredible “Mary Had A Little Lamb”

Watch Stevie Ray Vaughan Perform an Incredible “Mary Had A Little Lamb” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Arturo Vaccarielli / Youtube

Stevie Ray Vaughan was never the type of musician who goes by the flow. In fact, among SRV’s most well-known works is his rendition of the classic children’s nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb” in his inimitable bluesy manner. Take a look at the presented video below, with SRV playing the song in his all-black outfit.

Unlike many other nursery rhymes, such as “Ring Around the Rosie,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb” can be traced back to a very specific time and place, its origins are not ambiguous, and it features neither ancient nor ominous overtones. It’s no surprise that “Mary Had a Little Lamb” has been mimicked and parodied; nevertheless, not all of these versions are appropriate for young ears. Sarah Hale, the author of the song, would have been familiar with the Stevie Ray Vaughan cover and probably wouldn’t feel too bad about listening to it herself.

Naturally, Stevie altered the words to make them more rock n’ roll and badass, fitting for the savage solos he was playing around them. You can sing along to the song’s lyrics below.

Mary had a little lamb,

Its fleece was white as snow, yeah.

Everywhere the child went,

The little lamb was sure to go, yeah.


He followed her to school one day,

And broke the teacher’s rule.

What a time did they have,

That day at school.


Tisket, tasket,

A green and yellow basket.

Sent a letter to my baby,

On my way I passed it.