Watch Rush’s Remarkable 2015 “Tom Sawyer” Performance

Watch Rush’s Remarkable 2015 “Tom Sawyer” Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via TapeheadToo / Youtube

Canadian rock band Rush went on one last tour in 2015 called R40 Live Tour to celebrate Neil Peart’s 40th anniversary of joining the band as drummer in July 1974.

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart know better than anybody how exhausting it can be to perform the same thing continuously for 40 years. However, one of the many reasons to celebrate on their 40th anniversary is the trio’s love for performing live in front of an audience. The average show had 12,638 attendees and grossed US$1,080,000, making it one of Rush’s most lucrative tours despite its brief length. More people attended the sold-out shows than at any recent Rush concert, and the tour itself sold out faster than any other in the band’s history. Rush relived some of the success they had in their heyday when 26 of the 33 gigs were reported to be sold out and the remaining 7 still had over 90% capacity; talk about being legends indeed!

The video below shows the band performing their iconic “Tom Sawyer” song at the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona in 2015. It opened the 2nd set of the concert, and the band had previously such several Rush classics as well such as “Clockwork Angels,” and “Subdivisions.” After “Tom Sawyer,” Rush then proceeded to perform their 1981 album Moving Pictures, along with elaborate stage productions that fans would truly appreciate.

Watch Rush’s performance of “Tom Sawyer” here.