Watch Robert Plant’s Reaction To An 8yr Old Drummer!

Watch Robert Plant’s Reaction To An 8yr Old Drummer! | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Robert Plant watches a viral video of a prodigal girl drummer - via Q on CBC / Youtube

Led Zeppelin has paved the way for heavy metal in the music scene. With classics such as “Kashmir“, “Whole Lotta Love“, and “Stairway To Heaven“, it’s not difficult to figure out why. They were referred to as “gods” by their fans and contemporaries alike, and have graced the world with quality music. Comprised of 4 virtuosos and prodigies in their own right, each of the members shared equal parts in making their attack to the genre successful. It didn’t take long for Led Zeppelin to be considered as one of the greatest bands of the 70’s, and achieving legendary status for years to come.

It’s been almost four decades since the world saw the band together, after the untimely death of Bonzo, when they unanimously decided to disband. The remaining three have had several get-together gigs in the following years, but have since made limited performances and appearances due to age and personal reasons. Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin’s resident banshee vocalist, has appeared on interviews and podcasts as well. In a studio interview with Plant, he was made to watch a viral video nothing short of amazing.

Japanese prodigy Yoyoka Soma’s video has been making the rounds about the internet with her drum cover of Led Zeppelin’s 1969 hit single “Good Times Bad Times“. The video had already garnered 2.5 million views, and Plant was about to be shown it as well. Upon playing the video, the legendary frontman was in awe the whole time, almost rendered speechless by the explosive performance of Yoyoka. Plant reacts when host Tom Power acknowledges the bright expression of the 8 year-old drummer’s cheery disposition while playing.

“Yeah, that’s great isn’t it, really! I know where she can get a good job,” Plant replies, clearly pleased and amused with the skill and enthusiasm of Yoyoka. Click the above video for Plant’s interview and reaction, and the video below for the sight that astonished Robert Plant!