Watch Rare Rolling Stones Performance with Keith Richards On Lead Vocals

Watch Rare Rolling Stones Performance with Keith Richards On Lead Vocals | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via RollingStones50yrs5 / Youtube

In 2008, Martin Scorsese released Shine a Light, a concert film chronicling the Rolling Stones’ concerts at the Beacon Theatre during their A Bigger Bang Tour in 2006. The film’s title comes from a track of the same name from the band’s 1972 album Exile on Main St. In April 2008, an album including the score was published by the Universal label.

The Rolling Stones are still one of the most lasting popular music bands, and this video is a superb documentary/concert showing that. The beautiful thing about this film, aside from being another excellent work from Scorsese, maybe the finest music-documentary director of all time is that it makes the viewer feel like they are there on stage with the Stones. This film does a great job of following the Stones as they go to New York for a benefit performance. This screening takes place in a cozy theater environment created just for this film; not like their prior shows at stadiums.

Viewers will like the up-close looks at Keith and Ronnie, as well as the variety of instruments (including Telecasters, Gibsons, a Guild, and more) employed by Richards. The music is excellent and professionally produced, and although it is a documentary, there are many intimate details—including behind-the-scenes videos of the filmmakers, chats, and even some problems—that enrich the viewing experience.

But, what’s great is that Richards, just like Mick Jagger who constantly holds the mic for singing, had a rare moment onstage and got the chance to perform in front of people without the familiar guitar instrument – just him singing “You Got The Silver.” We do see him smoking a cigarette onstage though, so we’ll know the scene ain’t too strange.

Check it out below.