Watch Queen Pay Tribute To Little Richard

Watch Queen Pay Tribute To Little Richard | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Queen Official / Youtube

In the latest episode of the weekly series “The Greatest Live,” iconic rock band Queen pays a heartfelt tribute to the late rock pioneer Little Richard. This edition showcases Queen’s riotous cover version of the classic “Tutti Frutti,” performed during their 1986 Magic Tour at Wembley Stadium. The performance captures the essence of Queen’s passion for music and their reverence for the trailblazing influence of Little Richard on the world of rock and roll.

A Joyful Homage to Little Richard

For Queen, the decision to cover “Tutti Frutti” by Little Richard was a celebration of the R&B legend’s indelible impact on the music world. Brian May, the band’s legendary guitarist, recalled the moment he first heard Little Richard and how it left him in awe.

“When I first heard Little Richard,” May reminisced, “it was a moment of shock, but there was also the joy of realizing that people could actually sing that way – they could scream their emotions.”

A Thrilling Performance at Wembley Stadium

The Wembley Stadium performance showcased in “The Greatest Live” captures Queen at their best, exuding the energy and enthusiasm of a teenage garage band. The song begins with moody blue lighting, creating an illusion of a mellow acoustic approach. However, the atmosphere rapidly transforms as the band explodes into a rocket-fuelled rhythm and blues masterclass. Roger Taylor’s thunderous drum fills and Brian May’s ferocious guitar solo add an electrifying dimension to the iconic tune. Noteworthy is the moment when Freddie Mercury mimes a golf swing with his sawn-off mic stand, adding his unique flair to the performance.

A Legendary Legacy Honored

Little Richard, born Richard Penniman, left an indelible mark on the music industry with his pioneering contributions to rock and roll. His untamed vocal style and exuberant performances paved the way for generations of musicians to come. The world mourned his passing in 2020 when he succumbed to bone cancer in Nashville, TN, at the age of 87. Queen’s heartfelt tribute to Little Richard in their rendition of “Tutti Frutti” serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of this rock icon and a celebration of the boundless joy he brought to the world through his music.