Watch Lou Gramm Perform Foreigner Hits At Frontier Days

Watch Lou Gramm Perform Foreigner Hits At Frontier Days | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via JWStuff / Youtube

Lou Gramm, the iconic original singer of FOREIGNER, delivered a stellar performance at the annual Frontier Days festival in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Captivating the audience with his timeless vocals and stage presence, Gramm treated fans to an unforgettable night of classic FOREIGNER hits.

Lou Gramm’s Electrifying Performance at Frontier Days

Lou Gramm took the stage at the Frontier Days festival, captivating the crowd with his powerful vocals and charismatic presence. Fan-captured videos on the JWStuff YouTube channel showcase Gramm’s passionate delivery of FOREIGNER’s beloved hits, reaffirming his status as one of rock music’s most revered voices.

Insights on Setlist Selection

In a recent interview, Lou Gramm discussed the process of selecting songs for his shows, stating:

“That is a juggling act. You want to make sure you include everything, but sometimes you can’t and you have to leave it off until the next show. Then you have to leave something else off. You kind of prioritize not only the songs you like but the songs the audience would love to hear. You have to use that as your guidepost.”

Reflections on FOREIGNER’s Current Frontman

Lou Gramm has shared his thoughts on Kelly Hansen, who has been the frontman for FOREIGNER for nearly two decades. Speaking candidly, Gramm expressed his views on Hansen’s approach to performing the band’s songs, stating:

“He sings those songs okay; he sings them good. But he mimics my style right down to the ad-libs, and I’m offended by that… I just think that if he’s gonna sing the songs, he could sing the melodies that are familiar, but when it comes to the ad-libs and all the little things that set me aside as a vocalist when I sing them, he should make his own up.”

Gramm emphasized the importance of allowing Hansen to develop his own style and influences, stating:

“Show the fans that he’s the new singer now, not me.”

The Future of Lou Gramm and FOREIGNER

When asked about his relationship with FOREIGNER and the possibility of future collaborations, Gramm expressed his reservations, stating:

“I think so, yeah. I don’t wanna be a part of it. Two original members of the six are now gone. And Mick is in very poor health. Most of the time FOREIGNER has no original FOREIGNER members in it.”

While acknowledging his past involvement with the band, Gramm indicated that his focus is on his solo endeavors and enjoying a well-deserved retirement.