Watch Johnny Cash Sing ’12 Days Of Christmas’ In 1970

Watch Johnny Cash Sing ’12 Days Of Christmas’ In 1970 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Johnny Cash Show Christmas special - lucyhuto / Youtube

Contrary to popular belief, the man in black, Johnny Cash, wasn’t always about gloom and sulking. In fact, the man has had quite a handful of gleeful moments captured on camera, including his surprisingly festive delivery of the Christmas classic, “12 Days of Christmas”. 

Cash’s The Johnny Cash Show was the best avenue to witness his amiable, family-man side as opposed to the usual fanfare of his brooding character displayed on his material. The show ran from 1969 to 1971 and was made to capitalize on the successes of his live album releases. He was largely in control of the content of the show, for the most part, being able to bring in his favorite acts and musicians like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. But as the industry goes, he also had to make sure the executives were happy, bringing in favorites like Bob Hope, Peggy Lee, and the likes.

The Johnny Cash Show was a treasure trove full of musical moments for the Man In Black, but nothing tops the glorious moment where he belts out “12 Days of Christmas” with such conviction, giving us a glimpse that even THE Johnny Cash didn’t take himself too seriously and just lived the holiday vibe through his performance