Watch How The Beatles’ Bass Lines Evolved Through Time

Watch How The Beatles’ Bass Lines Evolved Through Time | I Love Classic Rock Videos

And I Love Her- The Beatles / YouTube

The Beatles will remain superior for their vast amount of contributions they did for the music industry. Each of the members has gone to create full-blown shows that innovated their style of performing. Paul McCartney in particular is a man of sensation when it comes to the Beatles’ integral transformation to their various genres. Known for his songwriting skills in the group together with his former colleague, John Lennon, they created tracks that would make them the hit people that we know of today. But aside from his songwriting prowess, McCartney is also recognized for his evolution of bass lines that revolutionized the music content of every song they released as their career progressed.

One YouTube video that summarizes the skill of McCartney’s bass lines is from the Lefty Bassman who introduced us to some of the Beatles’ songs that we can watch for observation. The video started with the band’s first hit song “Love Me Do”. You can see how simple the notes are yet, indicating that the band is still starting to progress its way to a melody. And as the music gradually changes, so are the notes that turned into more complex beings; identifying the development of their style and perception. They still do a few recordings with lesser bass modification, but only for the rare occasions, they do it.

In the end, there is no such thing as great as the Beatles. With their historical legacy left for this world to enjoy, anyone can say their thanks and appreciate the greatness they uphold for the innovation of music.