Watch Grateful Dead Close The 80’s With ‘Dark Star’ Performance

Watch Grateful Dead Close The 80’s With ‘Dark Star’ Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Grateful Dead live in 1983 - Music Vault / Youtube

Over the span of the Grateful Dead’s career, the band had historically performed over at least 2,000 shows. This level of greatness became evident in the early to mid-80s, when the band opt out on releasing studio albums, and instead focused only as live performers. With this path they chose, they became renowned as a legendary live group.

Inside the long list of the well-beloved Dead songs, along came a classic: “Dark Star.” Although the song’s first single version was under three minutes long, the arrangement is far less of the classic rendition, and it leaned more towards the band’s ability for creative jam improvisations. Inside GD’s performances, it’s not uncommon for people to hear an almost 20 or 30-minute version of “Dark Star,” especially if the band’s mood for something lengthy yet creative is there.

“Dark Star” was first issued as a single in 1968, accompanied with “Born Cross-Eyed.” According to bassist Phil Lesh, the single “sank like a stone,” since it flopped on the markets at the time of its release. Little did everyone know, the song would eventually rise from the ashes, and become one of Grateful Dead’s greatest songs of all time.

Below, we’ll take a glimpse of the band in their prime with the performance of “Dark Star” on New Year’s Eve, 1989. And what better way to celebrate a new decade than with an iconic track?

Watch it below.