Watch Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley on The Late Show In 1988

Watch Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley on The Late Show In 1988 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Wonderham's KISS Videos / Youtube

Despite being in the same band for over half a century, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons don’t always get along in the eyes of the public. But despite their differences, the two have worked through ups and downs and even share the same sentiments on just about anything.

In an old, archived video from the 80s, Simmons and Stanley were guests of The Late Show in 1988, led by American host Ross Shafer. The show’s ratings were so poor when Shafer took over that it could only bring in newsmakers and human interest-style guests, so the producers shifted gears to focus on tabloid and ripped-from-the-headlines topics. Luckily, they had the opportunity to interview the two main guys of KISS, one of the in-demand bands at this point.

The show opens with a mini-introduction of the duo that says: “The bad boys of rock and roll; talking about women, music, and money.” Coincidentally, the show also features a late-show “sex test” brought by Dr. Joyce – perhaps implying the existence of the sexual nature of the members of Kiss.

Shafer introduced Simmons (who first appeared on the show before Stanley) as a guest who “rarely appears on television.” Simmons then explained the reason why he isn’t a fan of television interviews: “I just think the size of it bothers me,” Simmons said. “I mean, if you guys are doing a TV show and it was in a movie theatre, then that’s a bit different. Because then I could fit,” he joked. The duo also talked about rumors in show business and everything that’s rock and roll. In the next part of the interview, Stanley appears alongside Simmons.

Check out the video below.